Thursday, July 14, 2005

Bowling? So that's what you call what I did tonight??

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother bowling after nights like tonight. I just could not do anything right tonight! I know I wasn't concentrating at all, which is probably the main reason why I bowled so bad. And now because of my bad bowling, we haven't clinched first place yet like we should have :( We had a chance to do it tonight.....all we would have had to do was win 3 points, but NO! We only won 2, which means next week we have to win at least one game to take first place. Right now, we're 7 points ahead of the 2nd place team & if we happen to lose all 7 points next week, then that means we'll have to do a roll-off, which will stink because the following week is supposed to be our fun night & payoffs. And with me being the secretary/treasurer of the league, I have to have all the places ready to be paid off. I really wanted to take some lessons this summer, but that hasn't happened yet & won't now either since the bowling center will be closed for all of August for renovations. Maybe I just need a break from bowling so when the fall leagues start back up in September, I can try to concentrate better. Yep, that's the ticket ;)

Anyway, while we were at bowling, I got a call from my dil, Toni. Once again, she was upset & crying because of something my son did. So after I got home from bowling, I decided to take a drive over to their apartment to try to talk to both of them. That didn't go too good, though. I just really feel like a failure of a mother sometimes :( My son is smoking & drinking & won't even hardly look me in the eyes anymore when I talk to him. I just don't get it.....where did I go wrong? I know, he's an adult now & can make his own decisions (or should I say mistakes), but he sure has a lot of growing up to do still!

While I was there, Toni showed me some pictures of her when she was a baby & oh my GOSH, I definitely see where my granddaughter got her looks from! I kinda wish I would have asked her if I could make some copies of the picture to scrapbook them with pictures of my granddaughter. I couldn't believe how much they look alike! I think I will call her tomorrow & see if I can get copies of them.....would make the perfect scrapbook page :)

The picture I posted tonight was actually taken by my 14 yo dd a few months ago over at the old apartment complex that my ds & dil used to live in. She took several pictures of the lake & trees that day. When I saw them, I told her that she needs to seriously consider becoming a photographer. She's always been into drawing, so maybe this is another creative outlet for her to jump on. Who knows.....maybe one day I'll make a scrapbooker out of her yet ;) Sometimes seeing the world through a child's eyes is all we ever really need!

On that thought, I'm off to bed.

Till I blog again,


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