Thursday, March 15, 2012

Storage & Organization

Here are the pictures I promised of my storage & organization of my new cabinets (note: I took these pictures before I installed the knobs & drawer pulls).

This is the very bottom drawer in the corner filled with tools (embossing gun, Crop-A-Dile, etc.):
Above that drawer is my extra Xyron adhesives....I stocked up when they were on sale once:
In the top drawer, I store my label makers & tapes:
In the next cabinet, I store all of my Project Life page protectors along with chipboard & felt pieces & my Martha Stewart scoreboard:
In the drawer above is where I store some of my punches & my long reach stapler:
Next 3 drawer the bottom drawer is my Thickers obsession/hoarding :) These used to be on my homemade Clip-It-Up, but I ended up having to take that down as it was too close to the top of the countertop:
The second drawer stores all of my bling embellishments.....another obsession I have:
Top drawer in this cabinet stores my loose glitter, flocking & beads:
Onto the next cabinet.....bottom drawer is Heidi Swapp & miscellaneous chipboard:
Middle drawer is my Tim Holtz Grungeboard, Deluxe Designs Plain Jane chipboard (I wish that company was still in business!) & my large jars of embossing powder:
Top drawer holds all of my sanding/distressing supplies:
In the next 12" cabinet, I store all of my Cricut cartridges, mats, tools & the plastic Cropper Hopper embellishment boxes hold all of my tiny brads, eyelets & American Crafts & Bobbin ribbons:
The drawer above holds my embossing powders, distress paints & Perfect Pearls:
Last cabinet, bottom drawer is where I keep all of my packaged embellishments (except for some from specific lines that I store in the Target cubes)....see the Paperkins? Yep, I still have a few of those ;)
This is another miscellaneous drawer....I have my epoxy stickers in here along with mesh pieces, etc.....I need to organize this drawer better someday:
Last drawer holds my stamping supplies, foil, bead trays, etc.:
And there you have it.....I may change some things around once I find out what works best for me. seems to be a never-ending job! But I am absolutely lovin' my new cabinets....there were just what I needed!

Now, to catch up on my Project Life & start posting my pages....stay tuned :)

Friday, March 09, 2012

Newest Addition... my scraproom.....cabinets :) When I saw Cindy's room on Two Peas, I immediately fell in LOVE with her cabinets & knew that was the answer to my storage problems! I was so tired of my plastic storage & my 2 brown desks, especially since I was trying to keep a white & black theme in my room. I had been stalking Craigslist hoping to find some black or white desks on there with no luck, Then I even thought about moving our kitchen island into my scraproom, but Jim talked me out of that....for now. That is, until he gets his new kitchen cabinets that he fell in love with at Home Depot (sorry, babe, but the deck comes first!) :) So anyway, like I said, as soon as I saw the cabinets Cindy had, I decided to take the plunge (getting an income tax refund helped with that, lol). Here are the first cabinets we bought:
I say first because after I got them set up, I realized 1: how much of a pain it was to access the cabinet doors near the corner of the wall & 2: I NEEDED MORE DRAWERS!!! The storage in the door cabinets just wasn't cutting it, especially since the shelves weren't as deep as the cabinets. I even tried doing the pull-out shelves, but nope, that didn't really help either. So back to Home Depot we went to exchange the 2 big cabinets for these:
2 more of the 18" drawer cabinets & 2 12" base cabinets. Yep, that was exactly what I needed...more drawers...especially since I was replacing 7 Iris drawer plastic units. Then came the countertop.....I originally wanted to get granite & found an awesome price on a slab at Menards ($299) & it would have fit perfectly, but since I ended up spending more going this way on the cabinets, I decided that the granite was out.....for now, anyway. My sweet hubs told me that when we replace the kitchen cabinets & countertops, I can get my granite then :) I went with a $44.00 formica pre-made countertop at Menards in a color called "Gold Flake Granite"....hey, it has Granite in the name at least, lol. Once we set it in place on top of the cabinets, we realized we were about 1/2" too long & it was hitting the doorway, so a friend of ours came up with the idea to add a 1X4X8 to the back wall, push the countertop up against that & then add a piece of quarter round molding to the top to take away the gap in between the wall & the countertop. Also, if you look closely, I removed all of my hanging embellishments from my 'home-made' Clip-It-Up & will be taking it down since they would have been hanging too close to the top of the countertop, therefore, I wouldn't be able to put anything on top of the countertop.
Then the finishing step....adding the drawer pulls & knobs (I also copied this from Cindy :) ). At first, I was thinking about doing black ones, but when I saw how good these ones looked on Cindy's cabinets, I knew I had to get the same took 3 trips to 3 different Home Depot stores to finally find them (next time, I need to remind myself to look for them online first to see which stores carry them before driving all over the place!). The cabinets aren't completely finished yet....tonight, we have to cut a hole into the top of the countertop & the back of the one cabinet to access an electrical plug & run a surge protector so I can plug in my Cricut & get some lighting hooked up....we thought about adding outlets above the countertop, but then I changed my mind because I really don't want to have cords all over the top of the countertop. Then it's just a matter of attaching the countertop to the cabinets & attaching the toe kick. I already have all the drawers filled. I will post pics of how I organized them all in my next blog post.

Until then, have a great weekend,