Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today you would have been 77, but God wanted you to come home 3 weeks before your birthday. He wanted you to spend Christmas & your birthday in Heaven. How can I disagree with that??? I can't! It was God's plan for you & even though I'm missing you like crazy, I know you're where you need to be right Heaven.....out of pain.....and happy!

I miss you SO much, Mom! I don't even think that it's really hit me yet. Since I've been battling the swine flu these past few weeks, my mind hasn't even been functioning properly with all the drugs I'm on! Yes, I know that 3 weeks ago today, you went to be with the Lord. But everything just seems like one big dream.....going to PA for the funeral, the funeral itself & even just wasn't the same this year, not being able to call you & talk to you. I should also be calling you today, on your birthday. But reality is, I can't :( And it's that reality that is hitting me really hard right now!

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you......always!


Monday, December 07, 2009

Rest In Peace, Mom

Is anyone ever prepared for this day? The day you get that dreaded phone call from your sister at 4:00 am, telling you that your Mom passed away. How can you possibly prepare for that?

I not only lost my Mom this morning, but I lost my best friend as well! My rock! And a piece of my heart & soul!
She was the absolute BEST Mom in the world! I love you & miss you so much, Mom!

Rest In Peace, deserve it!
Mae Louise Seese
December 28, 1932 - December 7, 2009