Saturday, August 29, 2009

5 Years

5 years ago today, August 29, 2004, was the absolute worst day of my life! A day that I wish I could forget ever happened! A day of sadness, lots & LOTS of tears, lots of pain, lots of questions. It's so hard to believe that it's been 5 years! When I think about how my life has changed over the past 5 years, I know that I've become more aware of things, more careful, more alert to my surroundings & more scared.
Not a single day goes by that I don't think about Karen & Jimmy.....not one! And I'll admit, it's been very hard for me to go on, living my life, knowing that they aren't with us any longer. They say that grieving gets easier as time passes.....I think they're wrong! It's been 5 years ago & still feels like just yesterday! I miss them! And always will!

As you're reading this, I'm in Pennsylvania visiting my family & the grave. I'm staying at Barb's house since most of the hotels were booked for Little League World Series & the ones there weren't, were over $200 a night! I'll be posting lots of pics when I return.


Saturday, August 15, 2009


Thank-you all so much for the prayers for my sister Barb! They worked! She made it through the surgery just fine, although she was very sore. She now has her drains out & was able to return to work yesterday, a mere 2 weeks after her surgery! She is definitely a trooper! She's not sure when she starts chemo yet, but the other day, she went to get her hair cut & donated her hair to Locks Of Love. How awesome is that!!! I'm SO proud of her & her strength!

The other day, I decided to stroll into Michaels just to see if they had anything new & I almost cried when I saw this on an endcap. And Xyron is donating 50 cents from each purchase to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. So yep, you guessed it.....I had to bring this little ribbon home :)

Isn't she adorable?!? Yeah, I already had the original Xyron X, but I just couldn't resist this one. Now, I only wish I had to money to buy the new PINK Cricut Expressions Machine! Darn, darn, DARN! I want that thing SO BAD! But I just cannot justify buying it since my Cricut isn't even a year old. WHY do they do these things after you already buy them.....WHY???

Thanks again for all the prayers.....I knew I could count on my friends!

Have a wonderful weekend,