Friday, July 31, 2009

Prayer Request

My dear blog readers & friends,

Today I have a prayer request. Today, my sister Barb (pictured above with her 17 year old son Kyle) will be undergoing a double Mastectomy. Less than 2 months ago, she went in for her annual mammogram & it was then that they found some lumps. After having several biopsies done, she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She is proof that Breast Cancer can happen to anyone at any time! It doesn't run in our family, no other woman in our family has ever had breast cancer before & she didn't have any warning signs at all! It just happened that fast! So please, if you don't do self exams or haven't had a mammogram, do it NOW! TODAY! Not tomorrow! Not next week! NOW!

Barb, being the comedian that she is, has been keeping her spirits up & has been trying to make us all laugh about it. I just talked to her on the phone last night & she said that she's always wanted new boobs & this time, she wants smaller ones.....she's sick of carrying those big things around (her quote, not mine). She was also joking around with Mom & told her that not only is she getting new boobs, but she'll also be getting a new stomach out of it, too. Yep, I love my sister & her sense of humor!

I, on the other hand, have been crying almost all day! I'm a nervous wreck! I just CANNOT lose another sister! I can't! So that is why I'm asking you for your prayers. Please keep Barb in your thoughts & prayers today that she makes it through this surgery without any complications & that they can get the cancer out of her completely!


Saturday, July 11, 2009


Seems like so much has been going on in the world these last couple of weeks. We lost quite a few talented people.....Ed McMahon, Billy Mays & then both Farrah Fawcett & Michael Jackson on the same day! Unreal! I loved MJ & his music as long as I can remember.....grew up dancing to it at the local Disco back in the day ;), have almost all of his cd's & I put several of his songs on my iPod to listen to while working out. And Farrah.....she was just truly beautiful in every way! Who didn't want her hair??? I know I did, but sadly, I could never style mine that good :( Losing all these wonderful people so close together makes you realize just how short life really is! The sign above was at the Palace of Auburn Hills for about 2 days.....Motown won't be the same without MJ!
I'm way behind in posting my pics of the fireworks from the 4th. I took a BUNCH of pictures, but these 3 are my favorites. I had a hard time trying to figure out what setting to put my camera on as it was a last-minute decision to even go to the fireworks.
But I don't think they turned out too shabby.
This one is probably my absolute favorite, even though it's a little blurry. I just love all the colors!
Today when I woke up, I could barely get out of bed as my right foot was hurting & swelled up. Seems like my Osteoarthritis is flaring up.....again :( I was so hoping that the Aquamin Sea Minerals that I've been taking were helping & I wouldn't have to take the Mobic anymore. But I took one this morning as I gotta feel better by Monday because I have to work, especially since Jim won't be working the next 2 weeks & won't be getting paid, either :( They're doing a shutdown & making everyone use their vacation time for the next 2 weeks. Luckily, we did save some of his vacation pay when he got it 2 months ago, but we were hoping to keep it saved......unfortunately, now we'll have to use it to pay bills :(

That's all for now.....nothing much else to report. Don't forget to go to 7-11 today & get your free Slurpee :)


Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy Independence Day

I just wanted to take a minute to wish everyone a very happy & safe Independence Day. Whether you're enjoying the holiday by having a cook-out with family & friends, going to see fireworks or to a parade, remember why today is so important & how lucky we are to celebrate our independence.

Our plans involve going to the beach, then we invited our neighbors over for a cook-out, we'll probably play some cards, watch the Nascar race & go see the fireworks. Guess if I plan on doing any of that, I better get to bed, huh?

God Bless America!