Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Project Life

As promised, here is my version of my Project Life. I'm not really doing it in the fashion that it's meant to be done (week by week)....heck, when I first started it, I wasn't even sure if I would take a picture everyday, but now that I'm doing it, I find myself sometimes taking a bunch of pictures a day! Other days, I may forget to take a picture, but then I find something around the house to photograph & will end up backdating it.....IMO, there are NO rules to Project Life. And for me, I'm glad there aren't any rules because this is the first time I've scrapbooked in over 2 years, and it's made me realize just how much I've missed this hobby! As you look at these pages, you may notice a few spots where it's not completely done yet.....oops! Just try to ignore those if you can :) You'll also noticed that I'm using all different sizes of the PL page protectors.....I like variety.

Now, onto my layouts....
Layout 1: picture of the pudding shots I made for NYE, our neighbors dog that was sick & later, passed away :( , my gallery wall & a shot of my sisters picture on my cellphone. As you can tell, I got a slow start to doing this & it's kinda plain:
Layout 2: Warm temps in January, my baby is covered, the Lions made it to the play-offs & pictures of a hot air balloon going over our house....in JANUARY:
Layout 3: Cleaning off my desk (a never ending task, it seems), my purple half bath, pictures in my home, my favorite morning drink, happy mail day, stamp organization, books I'm reading on my Kindle Fire & more organization:
Layout 4: Our new central vacuum system, cool looking clouds, a Peterboro basket that I found at a thrift store & one of our few snow storms where the snow plow tore up our yard again:
Layout 5: Jim's 47th Birthday:
Layout 6: Jim's birthday present....seeing Bill Engvall, Larry The Cable Guy & Jeff Foxworthy at the Palace, a gorgeous sunset:
Layout 7: Our new ride, getting a replacement cellphone, going for a walk, Super Bowl Sunday, new recipe & my newest love....Zone Perfect Protein Bars:
Layout 8: A view of our neighborhood street, my Slanket, self-portrait, another new recipe, snow, trying a new restaurant (this is one of the ones that's not finished), another new recipe & then the start to Valentine's Day:
Layout 9: Valentine's Day :) This one is actually 2 full pages plus a 6X12 insert page:
Valentine's Day continued:
Layout 10: Lots more organization as I'm determined to get organized this year, bowling in a tournament & collecting coupon flyers:
Layout 11: Going shopping, finally taking down the Christmas Village, another happy mail day, Fat Tuesday & snow....here today, gone tomorrow:
Layout 12: Calm before the storm, the storm that wasn't as bad as they said it would be, Chicken & Dumplings recipe, a grape jar that I found at a thrift store, Girl Scout cookie time, going to Scrappy Chic, pretty clouds & the Daytona 500:
Layout 13: Flowers from Jim, ice storm on Leap Day, bowling, awesome dessert, shopping & a wind storm that knocked over our mailbox:
Layout 14: My new cabinets in my scraproom, organization of the drawers, a sunset, another beautiful day, a fire in Auburn Hills, installing the rest of my shelves in my scraproom & a visit to Archivers:
Layout 15: Forecast for the next week, Jim grilling out for the first time this season, putting out our Tiger flag, flowers starting to come up, finally finding a typewriter at a thrift store for $6.00, taking a walk with the mutts, jello shots made for West Branch weekend, corned beef & cabbage for Jim a day early:
Layout 16: Bowling in the Best Frame tournament in West Branch with great friends, my FitBit arrived, Jim's new grill, a foggy morning, the sunroof is open & the flowers are blooming:
Layout 17: going for a walk when the temps reached 85 today, my Magnolia is blooming, our new ceiling fan in our bedroom, Martha Stewart books I bought at Dixieland Flea Market, my Magnolia flowers didn't survive the cold temps we had :( , my addiction to Washi Tapes, new stamps & playing the lottery:
That's all I have photographed right now, but I'm still pretty much up to date on my Project Life. I have been having so much fun doing it & my only regret is that I didn't start doing it YEARS ago!

Hope you've enjoyed my layouts.....be sure to check back for more in the upcoming weeks & throughout the year.