Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bowling Tournament

Before I start my post about the tournament, I wanted to post a prayer request for my Dad. He went into the hospital yesterday morning as the doctor told him he has a clogged artery in his leg. They were able to clear out the clog yesterday, but then the doctor said that when he was doing it, he found something in his stomach area, so they were going to check that out today. If you pray, could you please send up a prayer for him? As soon as I get some news, I'll update this post. I'm just so scared right now :(

UPDATE: They found an aneurysm in my Dad's stomach & are going to be doing surgery in about 2 weeks. He's going home today, but will continue to need lots & lots of prayers!
(the Black Team)
This past weekend (February 20th & 21st), I bowled in the Women's City Tournament & had SO much fun! I went in with a 179 book average (from last years league) & I'm very proud to say that I bowled over my average all 9 games! On Saturday, we bowled doubles & singles & usually I'm tired after 3 games, so I thought for sure I'd struggle doing 6 in one day. First was doubles.....my games were 182, 195 & 184 for a 561 series. Then we moved over one pair of lanes, didn't get to practice & I ended up shooting my highest series ever :) My games were 258, 257 & 182 for a 697 series! Yep, I knew I had a good shot at a 700 series & got extremely nervous, once again. But I am VERY happy with the way I bowled. I did end up winning $76.00 for my 697 series in the handicap jackpots......woohoo! Afterwards, we all went out to dinner & when I finally got home, I just relaxed on the couch & tried to watch the Olympics, but ended up falling asleep. I was pooped!

(Black & Red Teams)
Sunday was the team event & my fingers were killing me.....I could barely get them in either of my bowling balls! I started out having trouble trying to figure out the lanes, kept switching back & forth between the Zone & the Wild Ride & ended up with a 181 my 1st game & a 186 for the 2nd game. I finally called Jim after the second game & asked him what I should do. He told me that I either wasn't coming around the ball or I needed to move. Well, I don't even remember doing either of the things he suggested,lol, but I guess just talking to him helped because I ended up bowling a 248 my 3rd game for a 615 series :) I won another $24 in jackpots for my last game & then we all went out to dinner again. All in all, it was a great weekend....good times, good friends, good bowling, good food.....what more can you ask for? Oh.....cashing.....that's what else, lol. They haven't updated the standings yet & the tournament still has a few more weeks until it's over, but hopefully, I should cash in it.....keep your fingers crossed for me!

TOURNAMENT UPDATE: I just found out that I'm in 1st place for 2 things.....singles, division 1, handicap & all events handicap, division 1! Plus I'm in 8th for singles actual scratch & our team is in 5th place for handicap in our division! Now if I can just hold onto those spots for 2 more weeks!

That's all for now.....thanks in advance for the prayers for my Dad! I truly appreciate them!


Thursday, February 04, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today, February 4th, this wonderful man in my life, my Dad, turned 82 years young! I called him tonight to wish him a Happy Birthday & he said "gee thanks.....I don't wanna get older!" LOL Then he said he was only 28 instead of 82. Gotta love him & his sense of humor :)
These pictures were taken last August when I went home. He's being silly in this one.....and as you can see, we're both HUGE Kasey Kahne fans :)

Love ya Dad.....hope you have a wonderful birthday & many, many more to come!