Thursday, August 18, 2005

Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

That is the question that has been going back & forth over & over in my mind for the past several days. Should I go to PA or should I stay & just wait until Jim & I go there on the 28th? Linda said that Mom only has one bill right now & that's not even due until next month, so it almost seems senseless going home just to pay that. And since nothing has really changed with my Mom right now, I doubt she would even know I was there since she's still in a psychotic frame of mind :( Plus I will admit this.....I am actually afraid to drive home by myself! I don't know why......I used to do it all the time when I lived in VA, which is about the same distance. Maybe it's because I was younger then & didn't get tired from driving as easily as I do now. Maybe it's because of losing Karen & Jimmy in that accident last year. I honestly don't know. I usually love driving (just ask Jim....whenever him & I go anywhere, I'm ALWAYS the one driving!). But something's holding me back. Now I have to decide whether or not I should let it.

On a brighter note, I've been doing a LOT of scrapbooking lately. Scrapping truly helps me to relax & helps me to keep my mind off of everything that's going on. I just finished the above layout last night (or should I say this morning since I was up until 4:00a.m.?). I had all of it done for a couple of days now except for the netting. My original plan was to put journaling in that spot, but I couldn't come up with an idea on how to do the journaling. I tried printing it out on twill tape, but apparently, my printer doesn't like twill tape because it ended up eating a piece of it & it got ink all over the other pieces. So I quickly scratched that idea! Then while I was working on another Lego layout, I found that netting & ended up loving the way it turned out.

I received a flyer in the mail yesterday for a Tupperware Stock Sale to sell off all of Karen's Tupperware that she had. The money is to go towards the estate. I'm in the process of trying to contact the person that is doing the sale to see how much she has. I am so tempted to tell her that I want it all! Heck, I could probably start my own Tupperware business with as much as she had, which is actually something I have thought about doing. Karen loved Tupperware & stood behind it 100%. Maybe I should be the one to carry on the Tupperware name in our family.

Well, that's it for now. I'll blog again once I decide what I'm going to do.

Thanks for reading & also for all the prayers.....I truly appreciate them!


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