Friday, August 12, 2005

Everything Changes In A Flash!

Might as well scratch that last entry in my blog. Just when I thought that things were starting to look up with my Mom, I was awaken by a phone call from Donna this morning. It seems that her leg isn't doing good at all & now her doctor wants to open her leg up & leave it open for a while to see if that will help relieve the pressure in it. The doctor did a CAT scan & said that Mom has also had some strokes at one time or another. He left the decision up to my sisters about what to do with her leg & since Mom is currently under sedation again right now (they had to sedate her for the CAT scan cause I guess she wasn't handling that too well), they decided to give this operation a try. It was either that or she would probably lose her leg. So I've been crying again all morning & going completely nuts!

I know my blog has been extremely depressing lately & I apologize for that, but I honestly don't have anything positive to write about right now :( Please keep those thoughts & prayers coming.....I truly need them right now!


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Jennifer Stewart said...

{{{{{{{{{{{Benita}}}}}}}}}} I'm so sorry about your Mom! :( You can count on me to pray for her AND you.