Saturday, August 20, 2005

Driving, Dinner & Debating

After doing a lot of debating back & forth about whether or not I should go home now, I decided to wait since Jim & I will both be going home next Sunday anyway. We just figured that there was nothing I could really do there right now anyway & financially, it would be putting us in a bind for me to make 2 trips there. I was able to talk to my Mom on the phone on Thursday & she sounded better, although she still isn't herself completely. We were having a normal conversation about her dogs & about the flowers she has received & then all of a sudden, she started talking about weird things again. She said that she saw Donny talking to her doctor & I had to tell her over & over again that Donny hasn't been there & he hasn't talked to her doctor. I just hope & pray that she will come out of this pyschotic state of mind & fast!

Today, I have to drive Cassie half way between here & Traverse City as she is going to stay with Emma for 2 weeks. She's so excited! I just know that they're going to have a great time together, but I'm going to miss her so much! She'll be missing the first week of school, but her counselor said she'll be able to make everything up. I think she's actually kinda looking forward to going back to school as she's going to be taking a clothing class & a guitar class plus art.

Last night, Jim & I went out to dinner with some friends from the Friday bowling league & we had a really good time, something that I definitely needed right now! I've basically been staying home scrapbooking because I didn't want to go anywhere in case something changed with my Mom & one of my sisters called. Then tonight, after I get back from dropping Cassie off, we're supposed to go to Lapeer Days with our friends. I just hope it stops raining by then! Today is also the annual Dream Cruise here in Michigan, but I gotta admit, I've never been to it. Maybe one day, but I honestly don't see what the big deal is about it. And with the price of gas what it is right now, I'll pass :)

I just did the above layout yesterday. It's of the Embassy Suites that we stayed at during our vacation in Minnesota. Gorgeous hotel! I am SO glad that we were able to get a room there. The title was made using the new Round-A-Bout Sizzlits font.....LOVE IT! I think I'll be getting a lot of use out of this font.

Off to get a shower & take a drive. Have a great weekend!

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Jennifer Stewart said...


I'm SO glad your Mom seems to be doing better. :) I know she'll be glad to see you next week. And I LOVE your layout!!