Monday, August 08, 2005

Keeping Memories Alive

I did this layout a few months ago & it was one of the hardest layouts I've done because this picture of me & my sisters was taken the day of Karen & Jimmy's funeral. Although it was rare when all 5 of us would be together at once (I think the last time was in 1993 for a family reunion), we still knew that we loved each other & we share a very special bond together. Sure, we had the usual family feuds growing up & it wasn't always easy, especially having all 5 of us in one bedroom with 2 beds! But now I truly cherish those memories more than ever! I decided to post this layout on my blog because I love my sisters & they really mean a lot to me!

I actually did some scrapbooking today, but that didn't go very well, unfortunately. While I was working on a layout of Jim, one of the pieces that was still wet with epoxy fell onto the picture I was using & ruined it, so I had to print the picture out again & start from scratch. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother scrapbooking. Is it really worth it? But then I look at my albums & I know why I do it.....for the memories, for my family, for ME! Today when this happened, it made me realize just how important that is. I'm tired of trying to make the 'perfect' layout. I'm tired of getting frustrated if I can't match up the perfect colors of pattern paper or embellishments. I'm tired of spending hours upon hours on just one layout. From now on, I'm gonna start making simplier layouts & I'm gonna be scrapping to keep the memories alive!

As I type this, my Mom is in ICU at the hospital because she had to have some more work done on her artery in her leg. Although my Mom & I have differences in opinions quite often (like just a few weeks ago regarding our vacation), I do love her & would be lost if anything happened to her! So if you could, please say a prayer for her for me. Thanks.

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