Friday, August 12, 2005

Proof that Prayers WORK!

I talked to Donna & Linda today & both of them along with Barb were out to see Mom tonight. They said she was still in a lot of pain & really groogy (is that a word?), but that she did talk to them a little & knew that they were there. She's off the respirator & the eckocardiogram results were pretty good. They said she will still be in ICU for at least a couple of more days, but the doctor was hopeful now. My prayers are being answered! Thank-you God!

One thing that I truly love is sunsets & sunrises so I thought I would post this picture in tonight's blog as I could really use some sunshine in my life right now. Everytime I see a beautiful sunrise or sunset, I run to grab my camera (hoping it's handy) & snap as many pictures as I can. The picture above was actually one that Jim took from our back deck a few weeks ago. I was sitting in my scrapbook room & saw this glow coming from the sky. I ran downstairs & just as I grabbed my camera, Jim stopped me & said "I already did it for you." :) And what a great job he did! I really feel that God blesses us with sunrises & sunsets like this as a way of telling us that heaven truly is a beautiful place.

Count & cherish your blessings every single day!

Until I blog again,

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