Monday, August 15, 2005

My Mom

This is the first chance I've had to update my blog since Friday. My Mom made it through the surgery to open up her leg, but now she's in a psychotic state of mind. She keeps saying some really strange things, stuff about Donny & Mikey trying to kill her, about her dog, Niki that she had years ago & then my sister said she even said something about Rip Van Winkle. She's also been saying some really hurtful things to my sisters, but the doctor & nurses have told us that this is all normal with the medications she's on. The doctor has also told us that more than likely, Mom won't be able to go back to living at home. None of us know what to do about that. I'm the only one that doesn't work outside of the home, but since I also live 500+ miles away, it's not like I can just move back home to take care of her & I doubt she would move here. Plus she has 2 dogs (a German Shepherd & a Greyhound) that we'll probably have to find homes for. If I could have a fenced-in yard, I would taken Mercedes (the German Shepherd) back since she was originally our dog & we gave her to our Mom. But I just know that she wouldn't stay in our yard.....she likes to run too much. I was going to go home this week, but don't think I'll be able to as I just have too much to do here & there's not much I could really do there right now anyway. Plus Jim & I will be going home in a couple of weeks & I'm hoping that Mom will maybe be out of the hospital by then or at least doing better.

Anyway, the above layout is one I did several months ago of my Mom & I.....this is actually the second page to the layout, but I just love this picture of my Mom & I together. I love you, Mom!

That's it for's been a long weekend & I'm pooped, so I'm off to bed. Please continue the prayers for my Mom as she's still not out of the woods yet.


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