Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Decisions, decisions

I got a call from my Mom's lawyer this morning & he did find a Power Of Attorney that my Mom had made up back in 2003 with me & Karen on it & he said that it is still good. So now I'm going to have to go home & take care of her bills as she is still going to be in the hospital for quite a while & may end up in a nursing home temporarily. Things still aren't looking very good, though. She had a fever yesterday & part of today, so now they're checking to see if she has an infection. They have moved her out of ICU & into a regular room, so I was able to talk to her on the phone for a few minutes today, but I could tell just in hearing her voice that she's not doing good at all :(

Then if that wasn't enough, I got a pretty nasty email from Barb (one of my sisters) today about how I need to come home & take over my position as Power Of Attorney & find a home for the dogs, etc. I already called Mom's vet before that & he's checking with some people to see if he can find the dogs a good home. Then she went on to say stuff like "where have I been these past 2 weeks?" & that really hurt :*( It's like now I'm getting blamed for living out of state & not being able to just jump in my car & come home! I've been crying most of the day because of her email, but then I talked to Linda & she told me that I need to stop letting her & Donna get to me. But it's really hard! I can't believe that with everything that's going on that all Barb & Donna want to do is argue about stuff! Barb hasn't even gone to see Mom or called her since last Christmas, but yet now that Mom's in the hospital, that makes everything okay???

I wish I could just go hide in a hole & hybernate right now :(


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Heather said...

ARGH . . .doesn't sound like you're having an easy time of it right now. Sorry to hear that. ((((((Benita))))))