Thursday, August 11, 2005

No News Is Good News?

My Mom always used to tell me that "No news is good news" & I sure hope that old saying holds true here! I did call the ICU this morning, but they just said that there wasn't much change in my Mom yet. They were taking her off the sedation & the nurse said she was waking up slower than they had hoped for. They also did another Eckocardiogram (spelling) on her, but they didn't have the results back yet. I did find out that she did have a slight heart attack during the surgery :( My sisters will be going out there later today, so hopefully they'll call me with any further updates. I did talk to Linda (my other sister) last night & she said while she was out in ICU last night, she kept talking to Mom & telling her that her dogs & cat were okay & that we all loved her & that I have been calling checking up on her, so that made me feel good. The doctor said that she probably won't remember what anyone says to her, but that she can hear people talking to her & he said that it really helps.

Thanks so much for the prayers & thoughts.....I truly appreciate them!

Until I know more,

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Scrappin Marion said...

Hi Benita, so sorry to hear about your Mom. My thoughts are with you.