Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Once again, our plans got changed & we decided not to go home right now. Things are just up in the air with Jim's job & it's just too scary to risk at the moment. I called my Mom yesterday & we talked for like half an hour. She even told me to wait, so that's what we're doing. She sounded really good & I even got her to laugh a few times, which doesn't happen very often. I was telling her about how much weight I've lost so far (45.4 pounds as of today :) & she asked me if Jim & I felt better. I said "yep, and we're even bowling better now, too!" Then I went on to tell her that s*x is a lot better as well, lol. That's when she laughed & said "I figured you'd say something like that!" I told her it's true.....our bellies don't get in the way anymore ;) Okay, maybe that was TMI, huh? But hey, it did get her to laugh, so it was worth it.

Last night, at 11:00 p.m., I got a call from Shawn & he told me that since his car is in the shop, he can't make it out to Toni's to see his daughter for Halloween. So he asked me what we were doing & said that Toni may go pick him up & they may bring my granddaughter to our neighborhood to go trick-or-treating. I say may because I'll believe it when they show up! I haven't seen my granddaughter since June because Toni moved out to Lansing :( So keep your fingers crossed for me that they do show up. Toni said that she's going to be a princess, but I don't think she needs a costume for that.....she already is one :)

Have a safe & wonderful Halloween! It's supposed to get into the 60's here today, so I'm going to get outside & enjoy it while it lasts!



Sarah C. said...

Sorry you had to cancel your trip. Sounds like you had your mom laughing pretty well. :D Hope things work out for your granddaughter to stop by tonight. Happy Halloween!

Lorrie said...

funny comment about the belly thing, but it's true! ha!
Happy Halloween, and I sure am crossing my fingers for you that you get to see that little princess of yours tonight!
Take care!!

Darcey said...

I am so sorry that you have to be worried about Jim's job. It sure is a tough time in Michigan. I really hope you see your grand-daughter tonight. She will look adorable, I'm sure. Have a great weekend!

jill said...

We're having perfect weather a Halloween night.

Have a happy and safe Halloween.

Cindi said...

Wow Girl! You are doing great! I took a little detour but I'm ready to get back on track. Things have been so crazy for me that I can't focus on everything! I am only one person!