Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall Foilage

I thought I'd take some pics of the changing colors around our home. I truly do love fall, except for the fact that it's a reminder that winter is right around the corner. I'm soooo not ready for winter yet! Above is a picture of our Burning Bush, Jim's favorite.
Just some leaves in our yard. Jim just cut & bagged the grass & leaves on Sunday, but you can't tell it now!
Last year, this maple tree was a gorgeous, vibrant orange. This year, the color isn't nearly as beautiful because of the lack of rain this summer.

Saturday, we went to Birch Run & then we stopped at Chili's for dinner. As I was getting out of the booth, I ended up straining the top of my right foot :( Luckily, it's better already, but it did put a damper on my work-outs over the weekend. So I decided to skip bowling last night & went to the gym instead. We bowl this afternoon, then we'll be going to the gym again & then on Thursday, we have our final weigh-in & measurements for our Biggest Loser competition. Jim was in 8th place before last week's weigh-in, but I'm sure he moved up after losing over 5 lbs. last week. I'd love to see him win, but there's another guy that is also doing really good, so we'll see.

Have a great Wednesday,


BonnieRose said...

those are gorgeous colors! wow!

Sue said...

All we have is little locust leaves all over the place. Grrrr. Hope your foot feels better.

Heather "Hev" said...

With colours like that I wish it was autumn all year round!!

Darcey said...

The trees are so beautiful now. This is my favorite time of the year. You photos capture the colors perfectly.

Linda said...

Beautiful photos, I love this time of year.

Sarah C. said...

Beautiful photos! Good luck to you both on the weigh in. Regardless who wins, you both have done great! :)

muirwoodsue said...

Benita - beautiful fall color photos. I live in Michigan too and they are in full "bloom". Glad you had fun in Birch Run. I haven't been there in a while.
Congrats and keep up the great work on the weight loss. That is awesome.

toners said...

Gorgeous photos!! I'll be catching up on our weight loss blog this weekend... :( Not doing well just now!

Janet said...

The photos are beautiful! That burning bush is amazing. There are several around this area, too.
Congrats to you and your DH on the weight loss! YAY!

I tagged you on my blog!