Thursday, January 12, 2006

Update on my Mom, POTD, Challenge & I was Tagged

First, I thought I would post an update on my Mom. The surgery last around 2 1/2 hours & for the most part, it was a success, considering what she had to have done. She was able to have it done under only a spinal, which is good news, but she's in a LOT of pain right now. And now she's also faced with MONTHS of recovery time. Please continue to keep her in your prayers....she's going to need them for a while as I know that she is also going to go through a lot of depression dealing with not having a leg :(

Next, here are my POTD for today. I actually took these pictures last night, but was too tired to load them onto the computer. This is my self-portrait, the way you will usually find me....behind the camera instead of in front of it. I really like the way these turned out....I took them standing in front of the mirror, no flash (although I just noticed that the flash is up in the first picture, didn't go off, though).

Now onto the challenge: Sophia posted this yesterday on 2 Peas & it's actually a hard challenge for me to do, but I gotta give it a try. We're to list 10 things that we like about ourselves & here are mine:

1. My husband Jim. I honestly don't know where I'd be in my life right now if it wasn't for him! After going through 3 heartbreaking & very hard divorces, I was about to give up on men & then Jim entered my life. He is definitely my soulmate!
2. My eyes. I've been told before that I have bedroom eyes :)
3. My Scrapbooking. Although I sometimes doubt myself when it comes to my scrapbooking, I thoroughly enjoy scrapping & doubt I will ever give it up!
4. My decorating skills. I love to decorate my home & I'm always changing things around.....just ask my husband! LOL He's come home from work before & a whole room will be rearranged, including all the pictures on the walls :)
5. I'm a perfectionist & although that's not always a good thing, it's not really a bad thing, either. I have an 'eye' for things & inspect things really good. Whenever I'm shopping, I'll look through all the items of the one that I'm going to purchase & pick out the best one. Drives Jim insane sometimes, but he knows how much something like that means to me.
6. I'm a half-way decent photographer. I still have a LOT to learn about photography, though, but doing these POTD have really helped.
7. I'm friendly to my friends. Okay, that probably sounds weird, right? Well, I'm a pretty shy person, so it takes me a while to make friends sometimes. I'm not the type of person to just walk up to a stranger & start talking to them. Jim, on the other hand, can do that very easily.
8. For the most part, I like my hair.....on good hair days, that is. Although sometimes I wish it was naturally curly.
9. I'm a decent bowler, although I still put myself down about my bowling too much. Right now, I average around 165, but would like to reach 170 by the end of this year.
10. I'm a pretty good organizer & my goal this year is to get even better at it. I've already reorganized my pantry & laundry room this scraproom is next!

I was tagged by Melissa on her blog to do this challenge:

Four Jobs You Have Had In Your Life:
1. Cashier at several different places.
2. PennDOT working road construction during the summer, my favorite job ever!
3. Counter Clerk at a bowling center.
4. Clerk Typist at a couple of different places, mostly insurance agents.

Four Movies You Would Watch Over and Over:
1. An Officer & A Gentlemen
2. About Last Night
3. Christmas Vacation (we watch it every year at least once!)
4. Any of the Diehard, Lethal Weapon movies & anything with Molly Ringwald.

Four Places You Have Lived:
1. Royal Oak, MI
2. Williamsport, PA
3. Hampton Roads, VA (Va. Beach, Norfolk area)
4. Back to Royal Oak, MI

Four TV Shows You Like To Watch:
1. The Apprentice
2. The Bachelor/Bacherlorette
3. Lots of comedies: Rodney, Two & A Half Men, Four Kings, My Name Is Earl, According To Jim.

4. Reruns: Home Improvement, Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, Sex & The City, Seinfeld, Cheers.

Four Places You Have Been On Vacation: Listing more than four as I love traveling & hope to do a lot more of it!
1. Athens, Greece
2. Niagara Falls, favorite vacation spot!
3. San Diego, California & Mexico
4. Tennessee & North Carolina for the Bristol At Night Race & to see Biltmore Estate.
5. NYC with my son's high school choir class
6. Orlando Florida: Sea World & Disney
7. Gatlinburg, Tennessee for a friend's wedding.
8. Mackinac Island with my dd's band class.
9. Pennsylvania numerous times as I have family there.

Four Websites You Visit Daily:
1. (gallery & message boards)
4. (to update my blog and look at other blogs)

Four Favorite Foods:
1. Pizza!
2. Homemade Mac & Cheese
3. Ice Cream, although it's been cut out of my diet now.
4. Middleswarth Bar-B-Q Potato Chips :)

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:
1. At home with my Mom while she's in the hospital again :(
2. Anywhere with my DH!
3. Australia
4. Niagara Falls, Canada

Four bloggers I am tagging:
1. Jennifer
2. Jewls
3. Lorrie
4. Cindy Lee, although she doesn't have a personal blog anymore, I'm still tagging her ;)

That's all for now. Cassie has a half day of school today, so we're going to do some shopping together this afternoon since it looks like it's going to be a beautiful, almost springy day out.



Michelle W. said...

Wow, that's lots of typing there girl. So glad the surgery for your mom went well!


Corinnexxx said...

so glad the surgery went well and hope she comes to acceptence soon. love reading all of your answers!


Dar said...

Glad to hear your moms surgery went well. Fun lists and great photos of you!

Sophia said...

I can't imagine what your mother will experience but it is so good that she came through the surgery well! She's blessed to have you for a daughter! I love the shot of you taking the shot! And your list of things you like is great! I love that you are a furniture changer! I get razzed for that too! Very nice list! Thanks for sharing!


melissa said...

so happy to hear your mom's surgery went well. awesome lists and pictures. thanks for participating in my tag ;)

Melissa said...

Interesting- in your self portrait with the camera the light creates an interesting halo above your head... nice picture too :)