Thursday, January 05, 2006

Fresh Fallen Snow POTD

After having rain for over a week between here & while we were in Pennsylvania, I was actually glad to see some snow fall today, which is odd for me because I usually dislike snow! But this kind of snow I like.....the wet stuff that sticks to the trees & makes everything look so pretty, but yet it didn't stick to the roads because the temps have been in the 40's for the past several days. This pine tree is across the street from our house in our neighbor's yard & I took this picture from our front porch using my DRebel with no flash & my new Tamron 70-300 zoom lens that my wonderful DH Jim got me for Christmas :) I love that thing!

The next picture is of the Crabapple in our front yard, using the same lens & I stood inside our doorway while taking it.

I've been keeping myself really busy the past 2 days scrapbooking & it feels so good! Hopefully, I'm getting out of the rut I was in once & for all :)

Off to make some dinner.....have a great night,



Kim said...

Fab Photos!! I love snow like that too!!

Dar said...

Beautiful snow shots.

tania said...

beautiful! love the second one the best!

Lorrie said...

I love the pictures. We seldom get much snow in this part of VA. I'm jealous of your 2 days of scrapping.... I can't stop organizing my room and playing with the new laptop to get much cropping done! lol.