Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Well here it is.....the car of my dreams! The Dodge Challenger Concept car. I WILL own one of these! I WILL! Just 2 more years until my lease is up on my Durango & hopefully, by then, these babies will be on the market & one will be in my garage :) I can't wait! Make sure you click on each picture to enlarge.

Jim & I went to the NAIAS today in Detroit with our Friday bowling partners & had a really good time. I am always amazed by the awesome displays that Dodge/Chrylser/Jeep does! They really do outdo themselves! From having Jeeps 'climbing' up rock walls to water falling that spells out words to the awesome Nascar display & simulators to the HUGE Ram revolving display. The Ford & Chevy displays were so boring! I told Jim on the way home that he should really be proud to work for such a wonderful company :)

After the Auto Show, we all went out to Red Lobster for dinner & then Jim & I had to bowl. I was stuffed from dinner & didn't think I'd even be able to hold onto my bowling ball, yet alone throw it, lol. But amazingly, I really surprised myself & ended up shooting games of 180, 190 & 225 for a 595 series :) I wanted that 600 sooooo bad.....only 5 messly, little pins! Ah well.....maybe Friday. I did beat Jim tonight.....again ;)

I'm exhausted, so I'm gonna stop here for now. I'll probably post more Auto Show pics tomorrow.

Until next time,


Dar said...

Girl you would be "hot" in that ride! Great photos.

Sandi said...

Cool car - very Dukes of Hazzard in a hip kind of way!

Jewels by Jewls said...

ROFL Did you hear about that woman who "posed" on the Challenger?? It was on the news last night...

Congrats on the game! I bowled a 174 in my last game Monday night, beat Dave too hehehehe

Great pictures!