Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Yes, I realize that I've posted this picture of my Mom & I before, but after the news I received today, I just knew I had to post it again. My Mom goes into surgery tomorrow morning around 9:30 to have her leg amputated :( This is NOT the news I wanted to hear! I am just so scared right now! I didn't even go bowling tonight because I knew I wouldn't be able to concentrate on bowling & wouldn't have done the team any good.

I know that my Mom & I have had our ins & outs over the years, but I honestly do not know what I will do if anything happens to her! We've always shared a very special closeness with each other. And even though I'm 500+ miles away, that closeness remained through phone calls, emails & instant messages. I love you, Mom!

Please continue the prayers for my Mom. She's going to have a long recovery to go through & will need all the prayers she can get!


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Lorrie said...

Ah benita, I'll be praying for your mother's surgery and her quick recovery....{{{{{hugs}}}}}!