Friday, February 13, 2009

Friday The 13th

40/365 - Monday: We drove out to the mall & sadly, saw that the Hallmark store was going out of business :( I picked up this older Ty Beanie Baby from 2008 for my Mom for $1.20, hoping that I didn't already buy it for her. I tend to do that quite things & then forget I bought it & buy it again!
41/365 - Tuesday: After my PT appointment, I decided to head to JoAnn's just to look around. I usually don't buy paper slabs anymore, but when I saw this new one by DCWV, I knew it would be the perfect match for the wedding album I'm doing for Jim of his parents! The blacks & creams will go perfectly with the black & white photos! And the flocking on some of the papers is so cool!
42/365 - Wednesday: My dd bought me this beautiful rainbow angel for Christmas. The mirror came with it & says "I Love You, Mom"! Yep, I cried when I opened it! She knows I love angels & rainbows, so this gift was perfect!
43/365 - Thursday: About 10 months ago (or more), I found these frames on clearance at Michaels for $2.00 & $3.00 each, but never could decide what I wanted to put in them. Then I purchased this sisters angel portrait last summer at an art show, having no clue where to hang it. I remembered the frames & thought it would be perfect to hang a picture of my sister next to it in the other frame. So here they are....hanging right above my computer desk in my scraproom, where I spend most of my time :)

44/365 - Friday: Mother Nature just loves to tease us! With the warm temps we had earlier in the week, 98% of our snow can even see our deck, which just last week, had over a foot & a half of snow on it! Now this morning, I wake up the the reality that Winter still isn't over! Just some light flurries right now, but we're supposed to get more snow tomorrow :( Ah well....Spring will be here one day......won't it??? Please say yes!

That's all for now. I'm gonna go do some scrapbooking & then I have to work this afternoon. Hope you have a wonderful weekend & Happy Valentine's Day!



Janet said...

Great photos! We are getting snow here, too, after ours melted. I guess we got too excited that spring was coming! lol
Love the angel picture in the frame next to your sister's photo. That's a beautiful idea.
The slab looks so pretty! It will be stunning with b&w photos.
I laughed when I read that you buy things more than once. I just did that at Christmas with a friend's gift! lol

Linda said...

Great photos. I has been nice and warm here...for now. That slab is very pretty, perfect for a wedding album.

Aimeslee said...

Girl, I knew you'd buy that slab if you saw it. The Benita Black n cream thing is so strong that when I see anything, I think you want it. LOL

Glad to know someone else buys duplicates occasionally, too. winkwink

Oh, and imagine working out sweat mixed with hot as heck summer sweat. No...I would want the cold to last.

Denise said...

Hi, Benita! Mother nature has been teasing us too! 60's several days and then yesterday morning, SNOW! I want it to be spring so bad. Oh, weel!

Have a great day, Denise