Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Through The Eyes Of A Child

My Christmas couldn't have been any better! Christmas Eve, Jim & I spent most of the day baking cookies & listening to Christmas music. On Christmas morning, Shawn, Toni & my granddaughter came over & let's just say, I was in Heaven :) I just love this little girl so much! And once again, I was able to capture some wonderful pictures of her.....this one, above, is one of my favorites & this truly is what it's all about! After she opened her gifts & played for a while, she spotted my Nativity display & was just amazed by it.

Here she's debating whether or not she can touch it, looking at each figure. She kept asking me who each person was, pointing to each one individually. And if you're wondering, yes, I did let her touch them (see picture below):
I think she loved Baby Jesus the best :) She kept taking him out of the manger, putting him back, taking him out was the sweetest thing!
Here she is, sitting in her SpongeBob chair that we got her.....yep, she's my dollbaby! Just look at that expression! Yes, she needs her bangs cut! LOL
After playing with the Nativity set for a while, she then found my houses (aka village) that I made. She kept knocking on the doors of the houses to see if anyone was was SO cute! Several times, after I took her picture, she would say to me "Got it, Gamma?" & then she would say "Let me see." She sure knows her technology already ;)
Playing with Gampa, as she calls him :) Yep, that's a goatee that Jim's growing.....still not sure if I like it yet or not, but he does.
Our Christmas tree with all the presents
Here's Shawn opening one of his gifts. I bought him a flag display case & put the flag from his father's grave in it. I think he already knew what it was before he even opened it, though because of the shape :)
Well, that was my Christmas.....hope you had a wonderful one as well! I also got to talk to my Mom, Dad & 3 sisters yesterday, so I couldn't have asked for a more special Christmas! If you're wondering why I'm up so early, it's because Jim & I are heading out shortly to try to get some more lights & stuff for next year. We love to go shopping the day after Christmas, seeing what kinds of deals we can find :)
Have a great day!


Joanna said...

SOO fun! I love your little christmas village it turned out awesome! Merry Christmas!

Stella said...

What a wonderful Christmas! Sounds awesome! Merry Christmas.

Lorrie said...

awww, your Christmas sounds terrific. Hope you got lots of goodies today at the sales!

Tonya said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas.

Staci Compher said...

so glad you got to spend christmas with your beautiful granddaughter......sounds like you had a great christmas....and the gift your hubby got you is so thoughtful!!!!