Wednesday, December 12, 2007

O Christmas Tree

It's finally done.....our Christmas Tree is completely decorated all in blue & silver & I gotta admit.....I like it :) Even though I keep joking with Jim telling him that I need to add some Dallas Cowboy ornaments after they beat the Lions on Sunday ;) Hmmmm.....for some reason, he didn't like that idea too much, hehe. The angel actually touches our ceiling! I could have chopped a little off the top of the tree, but decided to just let it be. I guess I'm not used to buying short trees :)
I took a bunch of pictures of the tree tonight & posted my favorites. The one above I used the manual setting on 1600 ISO with Tungsten light white balance & really like the way it turned out.
For this one, I just changed the white balance & took it from another angle.
Here I used my star filter to get the lights to really twinkle :)
Close-up using the filter. I just love the glow from the lights!
And now for some more pictures. Above is my blue & silver Poinsettia that I bought for Jim :) Last year, he bought me a purple one, so when I saw this blue one, I just knew I had to get it for him since it goes with our theme this year.
I've been extremely busy working on some projects these past couple of weeks. Plus I'm making a lot of Christmas presents this year since money is tight. This is one of the first projects I little Christmas village :) Above is the medium house using KI Memories older Christmas line along with my version of the button trees.....a Prima tree ;) It's hard to tell in the picture, but I sealed the house with glitter mod podge so it sparkles.
Here is the small one.....isn't that snowman cute? The houses also have lights inside of them so it looks like an actual Christmas village.
And here is another one I made using my November Design Team kit from the Zone. I used glitter on the windows, rooftop & along the base of the house for snow.
Another view of the same house.

16 years ago today, my ex-husband & father to my son decided that he could no longer live in this world & took his own life. Usually, I tend to get depressed on this day, but today is going to be different! I now know that there was nothing that I could have said or done that would have stopped him. So I refuse to let it get to me any longer! Yeah, it still hurts whenever I think about him, but I cannot let it run my life. It's hard to believe that it was 16 years ago! Sometimes I wonder what he would be like today if he was still here.....what would he look like? Where would he be living? Would he still be in the Navy? Sometimes I think I think too much :)
Now to answer more of Sophia's Christmas meme:
11. What's your favorite holiday goodie to make and share? The gifts that I make for people. I just love the expressions they give when they open them!
12. What's your favorite Christmas song? Silent Night. My 4 sisters & I had to get up in front of the whole church when we were kids & sing it & even though I was completely embarrassed at the time, I still love that song the most out of any Christmas songs.
13. When did you learn the truth about the "magic" of Christmas? When my Dad played a trick on my older sister. She wanted a guitar for Christmas, but our Dad gave her a plastic play guitar to trick her. Turns out, the plastic one was for me & he hid the real one that was for her. That was the year I learned the truth about Santa. It probably wasn't the smartest thing our Dad ever did, but we laugh about it now :)
14. Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? Depends on if I have them all wrapped by then. But usually not.....I like waiting until Christmas morning, unless you count my anniversary present ;)
15. Is there a special ornament or Christmas decoration that you wouldn't feel like Christmas without? Since we pretty much try to change the colors/theme of our tree every couple of years, I guess the answer is no. Unless you consider our wouldn't be Christmas without having that displayed.
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Heather Bares said...

the tree looks beautiful!

Sarah C. said...

Your tree and little village look gorgeous! Love the idea of the prima tree. Too cute. Glad you are finding some much needed closure with the loss of your ex-husband. You can never be sure what's going on in a person's head and, sadly, that's a personal choice he made. BTW, I'm an "over thinker" too at times so your comment about thinking too much made me smile. :)

Colleen said...

The tree looks amazing and all of your decorations are great! Sorry for your loss, but it sounds like you' ve gained a different perspective on your loss now as well. Enjoy the holidays...

jadadog said...

Your tree should be in a magazine! Beautiful (and different)! I never saw a pointsettia in BLUE! Going to have to keep a are so creative! I love this blog!

Patter Cross said...

Love that star filter! Your tree looks awesome! And where did you find a blue poinsettia. Love it!

toners said...

Your photos are absolutely beautiful :) Wow!

Glad to see that you are getting some form of closure; I am sure it can be a long process and I can see you are dealing with it healthily ((hugs))

Could you email me your address please? I have a little something I need to send your way :)

Lorrie said...

You're tree looks AWESOME! i love the blue and silver!!!!!!
Great pics too!
Oh, and don't get me started on the houses...
I'm totally jealous! They are TDF! Girlfriend, you got SKILLZ!!!! lol.
beautiful, just beautiful!!!!

Emily said...

The tree is beautiful! Go Lions!

Jenna Franklin said...

I just love the little houses and tree! I'm so inspired to go do yet another tree, lol, but don't have quick enough access to the Prima's I want to use! Guess I'll add it to next year's project list...

Darcey said...

Beautiful tree! TFS!