Friday, December 07, 2007

Getting There

The lights are up on the tree & most of the ornaments have been added, but I still need to put the garland, ribbon & angel on & add the tree skirt, which is blue with silver snowflakes on's getting there. Maybe I'll have it done by Christmas Eve ;) Okay, just kidding, but like I said in my last post, this week has been crazy busy & last night was the first chance we've had to actually start on the ornaments. It's so hard to put ornaments on the tree at night though because you can't see where you're missing spots. So today, I'll look over it better & add the rest. Jim's lovin' the tree & I gotta admit, the blue & silver theme isn't too bad :) I told him last night that we should have put some black ornaments on it, too since the Lions now have black on their uniforms. I can see another trip for more ornaments on the horizon :)
Now if I could only remember what setting to put my camera on to get a good picture of it. Anyone? Lorrie?? :) I just took these ones real quick last night because I was just too tired to play around with the camera at 11:30 pm. And now I've been awake since 5:30 am because I woke up when I heard Jim get up this morning & I couldn't fall back asleep.....I hate when that happens! I have a feeling it's going to be a LONG day :(
And, of course, here is Jim's favorite ornament on the tree :) We actually bought this ornament several years ago, but this is the first year it's been on our tree. Jim & I have a little bet going for the Lions/Cowboys game this week. I used to be a HUGE Cowboys fan years ago & they're having an excellent season this year, so I don't think that the Lions stand a chance, but we will see.

Here's some more of Sophia's Christmas meme challenge:
6. When do you put up your decorations? Usually the weekend of Thanksgiving, but since Thanksgiving was early this year, we waited to get our tree until the first weekend in December since we only get real trees.
7. What's your favorite holiday tradition? We don't have many 'traditions' really (except for the one in question #9)......unless you consider celebrating our wedding anniversary on Christmas Eve :) This year, we'll be celebrating # 18! I'm getting OLD!!!
8. What's on the top of your tree? Always an angel to honor my sister & brother-in-law.
9. Do you have a nativity displayed through the holidays? Yes.....although it's not up yet. It's one of our traditions and I don't put the baby in the manger until Christmas Eve after the kids go to bed so that's the first thing they always looked for on Christmas morning. Even though I only have 1 child at home now, I will always do that tradition. I purchased the nativity years ago from Home Interiors & just love it!
10. Candy Canes, traditional or flavored? Or Chocolate Covered Cherries? None of the above. Although I do like the Chocolate & the Cherry Cream in Chocolate Covered Cherries, but I throw the Cherry out ;) Now I'm in the mood for some!

Yesterday, I went to the dentist again & had 3 fillings done. You may be thinking....3??? Yep, 3!!! I admit, I was never very good at going to the dentist. When I was growing up, my Mom couldn't afford to take us, so when I had insurance coverage back when I was around 20, I had a lot of work done to my teeth then, but after having an absolutely AWFUL experience with that dentist, I was afraid to ever go to another one! But Jim found us an excellent dentist & now I actually look forward to going (okay, so maybe that's stretching it a bit, lol.....but he really is a good dentist!). And like this dentist said, at least I'm there now instead of waiting even longer. But now my insurance is maxed out for the year, so I can't go back until January & then I'll be getting another crown on a tooth that broke from a filling that I got 25+ years ago. He's also going to slowly be replacing all my old silver fillings with white ones so even though my teeth won't be perfect (like Jims.....he has never had a single cavity in his life!), at least they can look a lot better :) I told the dentist yesterday that he needs to just drill into one of Jim's teeth & pretend he has a cavity just so he knows how it feels! LOL But seriously.....after the novicane wore off yesterday, I didn't feel any pain at all this time or when I had my root canal done a few months back. Yep, I'll keep this dentist!

That's it for now....I think I'm going to try to get some more sleep since I have to get up early tomorrow as Cindy & I are going to WoJo's to make a Christmas Centerpiece.....should be a lot of fun!
Have a great weekend!


Ryzmomplus2 said...

Your tree looks great!

I have an awesome dentist since I was a teen, but remember having a bad one and that's a horrible feeling!

Brooke said...

Beautiful tree, I should get a pic of my little pink tinsel tree onto my blog, you've inspired me. Your dentist sounds pretty good, where is he located? Also, a question. Do you work at the Zone anymore? I haven't seen you in a while and noticed you took your link to the Zone off your blog. Just wondering. Take care and have a happy holiday.

Maureen said...

your tree looks beautiful!

You sound like me with the dentist. I hate them.

Lorrie said...

hey girl! Your tree ROCKS!
I get my tree shots by using a tripod, setting my iso high, and my shutter speed low. (which is why I use the tripod and the timer button- even the pushing of the button can cause camera shake).
Good luck!