Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow & Stickled Stockings

Well, for once, the weatherman was right! He predicted that we were going to get socked this weekend with snow & socked is what we got.....okay, maybe more like hammered! This is what we woke up to this morning. Lots & lots....and LOTS of snow! This is the first major snow storm we've had this winter, so I was actually happy to see it :) That is, until I had to go out & help Jim clear the driveway & sidewalk. We're not for sure how much we got because a lot of it has drifted due to the high winds, but it's at least 8-10 inches, maybe more. I know that the above picture is bright, but that's because I forgot to change my settings on my camera after taking pictures of my Christmas tree, but I thought this one turned out pretty cool cause you can actually see the snow still coming down (click on image to enlarge).
Here are the bushes by our front porch. Believe it or not, there are some Christmas lights on them. Jim & I decided last weekend to go ahead & put some lights outside, but now you can't even see the ones in the bushes!
A close-up of our buried car.....there really is a Dodge Caliber under there somewhere :)
Our backyard & deck. Parts of the deck don't have much snow at all while other parts have close to 2 feet on it because of the drifting.
The other day, I was trying to figure out what to use to put our names on our new stockings. We bought these ones a couple of years ago at Home Depot on clearance the day after Christmas (along with a matching tree skirt), but this is the first year we've used them since we also have purple ones. And then it dawned on me.....STICKLES!!! It was perfect! I used the larger bottle of the Silver Ice Stickles & I just love the results! They are now my "stickled stockings" :)
I finally got my Christmas cards I just need to mail them all out. I admit it, I cheated this year & went with card making kits (Basic Grey Figgy Pudding & My Mind's Eye kits). But I added a little sparkle to the cards & once again, Stickles came to the rescue :) Can you tell I love that stuff??? It's almost as addicting as Primas ;)

Today's challenge is: What is one thing you look forward to during these last few days before Christmas? I've got a LOT of stuff that I still need to do this coming week.....bake, wrap, shop, mail cards & packages, finish up some gifts & try not to stress too much about all of it. But the one thing that I always look forward to as Christmas gets closer is being happy. I love this time of year & sometimes wish it could last all year long! I love going out to do some last minute shopping, wishing the cashiers a Merry Christmas, donating to the bell ringers, seeing all the lights.....just getting in the spirit of it all is what I look forward to.
And finally, here are 5 more answers to Sophia's Christmas meme:
16. Do you take neighbor gifts/treats to anyone, everyone, a select few? Well, since we're in a new neighborhood this year & haven't really met any of our new neighbors yet, the answer is no. Although that could be a really good way to meet them, huh? :)
17. Is your big meal on Christmas Eve, Christmas morning or Christmas afternoon? Probably more like Christmas evening. Jim & I go out on Christmas Eve since it's our anniversary :)
18. How do you decorate your tree? This year, it's done in all blue & silver (see pics in previous post). And then I have a 4 1/2 foot artificial tree in my scraproom that is my "angel" tree, all decorated with angel ornaments in remembrance of my sister Karen & brother-in-law Jimmy.
19. Snow? Love it? Dread it? Tolerate it? Right now, I LOVE it, but ask me that question again in January or February ;)
20. Do you remember a favorite gift? My husband.....18 years ago he was my gift on Christmas Eve when he married me :)
Off to bed....I have a busy week that starts bright & early tomorrow morning. Stay warm!


Lynn said...

Goodness, thats alot of snow! I hear that it is coming my way. Love the photos.

Your cards look wonderful! Great job on them, even if you cheated.

Hope your week is stress free

oceans5 said...

WOW that is a lot of snow!! Adorable cards:)

Joanna said...

My goodness, I'm sooo jealous of your snow!! Enjoy your WHITE CHRISTMAS!!!

toners said...

LOL! I'm the same...I love the snow now, at the beginning of the season, but my response may be different in a couple of months :) Great photos - I love the Stickled Stockings!

Stella said...

WOW! That is awesome! Great pictures of all of the snow.

jill said...

we're enjoying the snow too! now hoping for a white christmas.

love the idea of starting with a card kit. just add a few of your personal touches! might have to consider that for next year.

:: gingerkitty :: said...

That is a lot of snow

BonnieRose said...

you did get a ton of snow.. wow! Love your cards gf.. they are gorgeous!

Sherry said...

We must live really close, because your yard looks like my yard... LOL My kids didn't have school on Monday, and they LOVED it!

Congrats on making your cards... I don't think that is cheating, you made the cards...that's something not everyone does!!

Sarah C. said...

The snow looks so beautiful! Love the idea of personalizing your stockings with stickles. What fun! :)

Staci Compher said...

Christmas cards turned out great....doesn't matter that they're a kit....still takes the time to make 'em...., I love that your anniversary is on christmas eve...that is so sweet!! ours is the 28th....

and the stickles on the stockings....awesome!!

Lorrie said...

OOOH! I love the snow! I want some here Benita!!
Love the stickle stocking too. I hadn't thought of using that, my stockings don't have any names on them either! lol.
Merry Christmas!!

Shere said...

Love the cards, they are gorgeous. Can't go wrong with figgy pudding! Merry Christmas & tfs