Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry CHRISTmas!

Yesterday, Jim & I celebrated our 18th anniversary & I was literally in tears by the gift he gave/made for me! Usually, he buys me a piece of jewelry....but not this year. His gift this year, I have to say, was way more romantic & thoughtful than any piece of jewelry could ever be! First, he purchased this picture frame & mat & then he had a friend of ours that knows how to 'fix' pictures completely redo our wedding pictures for us.

The guy that took our wedding pictures messed with some settings on our camera & every single picture was extremely dark. But my husband (bless his heart), went through all my photo boxes one day when I wasn't home to find our pictures, took them to our friend & had them all fixed so he could put them in this frame & even had the pictures put on a CD for me. He even used my scrapbook trimmer to crop the photos so they would fit into each letter :)

He truly surprised me this year as I had NO clue that he would even think to do something like this! Don't get me wrong.....I LOVE jewelry, but this.....this was something that he took the time to do.....something he put a LOT of thought into doing.....something that would please anyone, even if you're not a scrapbooker like me :) Now I know why I said "I Do" 18 years ago on Christmas Eve!

As you can see, I couldn't wait to hang it on the wall & I had the perfect spot in my scraproom right above my sewing machine & next to my computer. And the thing that I really thought was neat was the matting almost matches the wall color perfectly! Now I just need to patch the holes I put in the wall. Apparently, there's a stud in this wall that runs horizontally (strange, huh?) & well, it wasn't straight the first few times I tried to hang it & the nails were a pain to get out of the stud, so now there's some holes & dents in the wall behind the picture. Shhhh......don't tell our landlords ;)

Since today is Christmas, I figured it was the perfect day to finish up the Christmas meme that Sophia had us doing these past 25 days. I was doing 5 questions at a time, here & there, so here are the final 5:

21. Do you have a family get-together during the holidays with extended family? Not usually, unfortunately. All of my family is 500+ miles away in Pennsylvania & Jim's sister lives in Indianapolis, so it's usually just Jim, I & the kids.

22. What's the most important thing that you must do each Christmas season? Celebrate our anniversary ;) , get a real tree, put out our nativity set (keeping Baby Jesus hidden until Christmas morning) & celebrate the birth of Jesus.

23. Do you bake Christmas cookies? Yep, but this year, I really procrastinated about it & didn't make them until Christmas Eve!

24. Do you leave cookies and milk for Santa? We used to when our kids were younger, but not anymore.

25. Share a favorite Christmas memory. The year I married my husband (see yesterday's post). And after the gift he got me today (see above), he has definitely proven to be my best gift/memory ever!

Thank-you Sophia for a fun meme :) And thank-you, my blog readers, for the anniversary & Christmas blessings. May you & your families have a very safe & Merry Christmas.



Theresa said...

Awww, what a sweet and thoughtful gift. Give your DH a hug from me too, what a guy. Of course, he may get punched by a few of his friends, not a good precedent to set. He's going to make them look pretty bad, LOL.

BonnieRose said...

that is the best gift ever! Warm wishes to u and urs this nite!

Emily said...

What a lovely gift!