Friday, December 28, 2007

Happy Birthday to my Mom

Today my Mom celebrates her 75th birthday. It's even hard for me to believe that she's 75 already! My Mom has always been my best friend! Before she went into the nursing home, I used to call her every single day.....just to say Hi.....just to see how she was doing.....just to say I Love You. I definitely miss doing that :( With her being in the nursing home, it's hard to get ahold of her since she doesn't have a phone in her room, plus the nurses there don't want to be 'bothered' sometimes with taking the cordless phone into her. But I will be calling her later today & they WILL let me talk to her! I just wish I could be there with her today :( (This picture is of my Mom back in the early 1960's.)

Here's the last picture that I've had taken of my Mom & I together, before she lost her leg. This one was taken back on Thanksgiving, 2004.

I was talking to Linda, my sister, last night on the phone & she told me that today, Mom's life insurance will be cancelled. I guess it was some sort of policy that cancels on her 75th birthday. I'm honestly glad that it's getting cancelled.....I'd rather have my Mom here over money anyday! And even though it wasn't for much money anyway, I just had this feeling that it would have caused some problems in our family.

I mailed out a package to my Mom with her Christmas & birthday presents on the day after Christmas, so I just hope that she gets them today. Yeah, I was late, but she wanted me to send her some cookies & my famous fudge :) , so that's why it was late seeing as I didn't even bake until Christmas Eve.

In other news, Jim & I are 'famous' ;) We went out shopping the day after Christmas & got stopped in Target by a reporter for our newspaper. She asked me if she could interview me & I thought, okay, sure.....I was in a really good mood, so why not. And besides, I doubt she would publish it anyway. Well, surprise.....she did :) But luckily, she didn't take our picture because I was having a very bad hair day, lol. Instead, there was another woman on the front page that she interviewed as well. The article was all about shopping the day after Christmas & whether or not you had any problems doing any returns. She put in there what I said about being ready to go home & go back to bed & then she also quoted my husband about him joking with me, saying that I "dragged" him out. HA!!! He was just as willing to go out in that mess as I was, so don't let him fool ya :)

I can't believe that I completely forgot to tell you all what I got for Christmas in my last post! It wasn't much, but I'm extremely happy with everything (except for some sweaters I had to return). Jim got me 2 Koala stuffed animals (one is a Ty & the other is a Webkins), 3 Yankee jar candles (2 of them are called Vineyard & smell soooooo good!), 2 new motorcycle angel pins since mine keep breaking for some reason, a Kasey Kahne calendar, a Hallmark angel for my angel tree, a new pair of slippers, which I needed badly, the purple scrapbook tote filled with embellishments & an album from Sam's Club (although I was a little disappointed in it, but I'm keeping it) & a new Epson PictureMate Dash photo printer plus a replacement ink & paper set for it :) He got an excellent deal on the PictureMate.....first, he had a $25.00 off coupon for Staples, so that brought the price down to $75 & then when he bought it, they were offering a $50 rebate, so now we're just waiting for the check for that. I'd say $25.00 for a PictureMate is an awesome price!

Not sure what I'm going to do today.....may just stay home, may go shopping, may take the tree & decorations down (although I'm not sure if I'm ready to yet). Guess I need to go make some breakfast first & then I'll decide :)

Have a great Friday,


Stella said...

Beautiful pic of your mom and Happy Birthday to her!!!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!

Sounds like you had a wonderful Xmas. Hard to believe it's already over. It went by way to fast.

melissa said...

A big Happy Birthday ((hug)) to your mom! my mom is my best friend too ;)

Sue said...

sounds like you had a great Christmas! Love the picture of your mom.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday wishes to your Mum! Sounds like you had a great Christmas too!