Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas MeMe & More

Sophia posted a Christmas MeMe on her blog & I just love doing them, but she suggested that we answer a question a day up until Christmas. Since I don't update my blog everyday (usually because I don't have very much to talk about), I thought I'd do 5 questions each time I update my blog. So here are the first 5 questions:

Colored lights or white lights on your house or not at all? When we do put up outside lights, it's always colored ones. I wanted to put some up this year, but with the weather we've been having, I haven't had a chance to do them yet & not sure if I will be able to now. Looks like Winter is finally here.
Hot chocolate or Egg Nog? Definitely Hot Chocolate! I can't stand Egg Nog! YUCK!
What's your favorite holiday dish? Homemade cookies ;) I know, that's not really a dish, but I love baking during the holidays!
Does Santa wrap the presents or just sit them under the tree? He definitely wraps them.....gotta have the excitement of opening them!
Do you hang mistletoe?
Nope.....I probably should, though.

Jim & I decided to just go to Home Depot for our Christmas tree this year instead of going to a tree farm. The weather has just been so cold lately that I really wasn't in the mood to freeze for a tree. So instead, we went the cheap route (only $29.97 because they matched Lowe's price) & picked it up Friday evening....just in time before the snow storm hit Friday night. We picked out the tree, had the guy cut the bottom off & wrapped it up while we went inside to get the lights & some paint. By the time we got done shopping inside (10 minutes, 15 max), the snow started & had already covered the parking lot!

I was afraid if we waited any longer to get a tree, they wouldn't be any good as they were already frozen as it was. We could literally feel the draft coming from the tree as it was defrosting in the house! We just started putting some lights on it tonight (see pictures), but ran out of blue ones, so we'll have to stop by Home Depot tomorrow to pick up some more. Yeah, it definitely needs more lights!

Jim has been bugging me for years to do a blue & silver tree to honor his Detroit Lions (okay, so maybe honor isn't the best word to use after the way they've been playing lately, lol) & I finally caved this year :) We had purchased some silver ornaments the day after Christmas last year on clearance, but never found any blue ones. So when we went up to Birch Run & Saginaw on Black Friday, I decided to surprise him & bought some blue ones since they were on sale for 50% off. Now I just have to finish decorating the tree & hope it doesn't die on us before Christmas :)

One thing I do miss about our old house was the humidifier that we had connected right to the furnace. Unfortunately, this house doesn't have one & we've all been battling with dry skin, static hair & getting shocked whenever we touch anything metal! OUCH!!! So we decided we needed to buy a humidifier & got a whole house portable one. It's been running non-stop ever since we plugged it in today, but it's starting to feel soooo much better in here already!

I have a busy week ahead: Monday - appointments; Tuesday - shopping; Wednesday - bowling; Thursday - dentist appointments; Friday - maybe some more shopping; Saturday - going to make a Christmas centerpiece at a class at WoJo's Garden Center with Cindy. I'm hoping to get all of my final Christmas shopping done by next weekend. Wish me luck! Everyone already knows that they're not getting much this year & they understand, but I am determined to at least have something under the tree!

Off to bed. Have a great week!


toners said...

Great color combo for your tree! And good luck with all your busy days this week. Don't forget to take some time for yourself!! ((hugs))

Sarah C. said...

:D We buy our tree at Lowes every year to save on cost (and this year I had a $10 off coupon making it a really good deal). Trying to picture taking it home in the snow. Much too warm for that around here. Sounds so much more Christmas-y than us buying ours in t-shirts & jeans! Your lights look beautiful.

Kate said...

Oh No a Wings fan...LOL! I'll wish you a nice week any way !

Lorrie said...

Can't wait to see some more pictures of your tree when it's all done Benita. I know it'll be beautiful! you have such a great decorators touch!
Enjoy your snow -- and send a {BIT} down south, ok?