Sunday, November 27, 2005

Purple Poinsettia POTD

Have you ever seen a Purple Poinsettia before? Well, here it is :) It's actually a type of dye or paint that they use on them.....I'm not even really sure how long it will stay purple. But isn't it just the coolest thing? They also had blue, green, yellow, & fuschia ones. I'm not really into the traditional red & green Christmas colors, so I've never really been attracted to Poinsettias before. But this one, I could keep forever......if it'll live for me, that is. Like I said in another post, I don't have a green thumb at all! But now a purple thumb.....hmmmm......we'll see :)

We're going to be decorating our Christmas tree in purple & gold this year. My dh & I decided last year that we want to rotate our colors on our tree every couple of years, so this year is the purple year. Next year, I have to do blue & silver for him (Detroit Lions colors......yuck! lol).

I also purchased an Azalea plant yesterday since it was on sale. I'm hoping it'll keep flowering for quite a while cause it's so pretty! And if it survives, I'll probably plant it outside in the Spring.
That's it for now.....think I'm gonna go scrapbook since Jim & Cassie are at a concert & I have some 'me' time :)

Have a wonderful night,


Wendy Reed (Wishin4MoreTime) said...

Benita... those are BEAUTIFUL! Never seen one like that. I love it! :o)

Kim said...

Those are gorgeous!! I'll be on the look out for those this year!!

SageHen said...

Plumb crazy. But I like it! ;)

Sophia said...

Never heard of anything like these! They are gorgeous and now, I cant wait to tell my Sister-in-law! Thanks!


Kitty Foster said...

I have never seen one of these! It is georgous!!!!! Thanks for posting!

Corinnexxx said...

LOve this plant!!