Sunday, November 13, 2005

Nascar & Closet POTD

If it's a Nascar Sunday, you can bet that the race will be on at least 1 of our tvs. But today, I had it on 3.....our big screen tv downstairs (pictured here), my scraproom tv & our master bedroom tv. Why 3? I was in the process of cleaning our master bedroom closet (which I'm very proud to say that I finished!), so it was on in there while I was working. When I took a break to check my emails & the message boards, I turned it on in my scraproom. And while I was downstairs eating lunch & doing laundry, this is where I was watching it from. Now you may be asking yourself "why is there a mantle above the tv?" Easy......about a year ago, my dh & I had our fireplace removed because we never used it anyway, so we used the 'hole' in the wall to put our tv in & we also added a shelf above the tv for our TiVo & DVD player. The funny thing is.....the mantle wasn't even there when we had a fireplace.....we actually put it up after we took the fireplace out. But now we're actually thinking about putting a fireplace back in. How's that for being nuts? :)

I've already decided what driver I'm going to follow next year since Rusty is retiring.....Kasey Kahne :) I even bought a Kasey Dodge jacket already along with several polo shirts. I really think that Kasey has a great career ahead of him, as long as he can stay away from all those accidents, that is!

My next picture is of my accomplishment for the out our closet. I should have taken a before picture. But then again, maybe not! I ended up filling up 3 bags to donate & 1 bag of garbage & now we can actually walk inside our closet again :)

Our closet is very small & it's one of the things I dislike the most about our home, along with our master bathroom. But at least it's clean now & I do intend on keeping it that way.

Jim's off from work tomorrow for Veteran's Day (don't ask me why they weren't off on Friday instead), so we're going to spend the day running some errands & taking a much-needed bowling lesson.

Have a wonderful night,

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SageHen said...

Of the two blogs, chocolate vs. Nascar, I am partial to the chocolate. The fondu restaurant sounds like something to die for.