Friday, June 02, 2006

No Longer A Teenager

Today is my son Shawn's 20th, I'm getting OLD! I know that this picture isn't the came out way too dark & when I tried to lighten it, it ended up blurring. But that's my boy.....all 6'3" of him! Last night, Jim & I went to Sam's Club to get some groceries along with a birthday cake & an IPod for him & we totally surprised him. He said he just wanted the IPod Nano, but we decided to get him the video one. He was so happy :) That's all he got, though, lol.

Found this challenge on The Scrapbook Zone website where you're to list 5 things that not many people know about you.....really cool challenge, but one I need to be careful with, too...hehehe! Feel free to do it on your blog as well & let me know if you do. Here's my list (I actually came up with 10 things):

1. Im a VERY picky eater. The only meat I eat is bacon. I don't eat any veggies except for potatoes & not many fruits, either.....just bananas, strawberries & watermelon. And I also don't drink white milk, only chocolate.

2. I'm afraid of the dark & thunderstorms! I have to use a night light to sleep at night & I will panic during a storm, especially if I hear the tornado sirens going off! I'm almost immediately in the basement!

3. I've had my picture published a couple of times in magazines, but I'll only tell you one of them which was Mary Beth's Bean Bag World. The other one I'll let you try to figure out for yourself ;)

4. I'm scared to death of bugs, spiders, bees, wasps, snakes & bats! Just ask my dh how many times I've had him come kill a spider or bug for me :)

5. I'm afraid of heights, yet I dream about skydiving someday.

6. It took me 3 divorces to finally find my soulmate & I've now been married to him longer than what all 3 of my previous marriages combined lasted!

7. I've had many jobs in my lifetime (cashier, supervisor, typist, counter clerk at a bowling center, waitress) but my favorite job was when I worked for PennDOT during the summer doing road construction.

8. I'm usually pretty shy until I get to know a person. My dh, on the other hand, can carry on a conversation with a complete stranger!

9. I have a tattoo on my ankle from when I went to Athens, Greece in 1983 & it got infected. The US Navy doctors wanted to cut it out of my leg, but I wouldn't let them. Now, it's just very faded.

10. When I used to collect Beanie Babies, I had an obsession with Peace Bears. Somewhere in my basement, I have over 200 Peace Beanie Babies & several Peace Buddies because they were all so pretty. Hey, maybe that's why I have so many bottles of Primas now, too ;)

Tonight, Jim & I are going out with Rich & Jeanette to practice hitting golf balls.....that should be fun as I've never golfed before (except for putt-putt). Afterwards, we're going out to dinner together & then on Sunday, we may attempt to actually go golfing for real.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,


Emily said...

wow Benita, what in the heck DO you eat?? ;) Happy birthday to your son!

Kim said...

Happy Birthday to your son, Benita! Hope you have fun golfing tomorrow.

Christi Snow said...

What a fun would make a great layout! Happy Birthday to your DS!!! Smiles!