Saturday, June 17, 2006

The Boys Are Back In Town!

On Thursday, Jim's work hosted a Nascar driver event where the employees were able to meet several Nascar drivers, including 2 of my favorites, Rusty Wallace & Kasey Kahne. Jim took in 3 diecast cars, a framed picture that he bought me of Rusty for Christmas & a Kasey Kahne scrapbook layout that I'm currently working on from when we met him in Bristol last year. The photo above shows 2 of the diecast cars that he got autographed (Rusty's & Kasey's) along with the framed picture. He also got autographs from Scott Riggs on a diecast car, Casey Mears & Richard Petty! He said that Richard is such a friendly man & was smiling the whole time he was there. Unfortunately, we don't have any diecast for Richard Petty, so he could only get his autograph on a cardboard photo of him that they were passing out there.

I asked Jim to see if Rusty would sign the picture to me, but I wasn't sure if he would because they usually move you through the autograph lines so fast that all you can get is their signature, but looky......he did :) Of course, Jim had to spell my name for him, hehe, but that's okay. If you know me & know how BIG of a fan I am of Rusty's, you'll know how much this means to me ;)

Here's a closer view of the diecast cars. Rusty signed his on the windshield & I really like it much better that way.....stands out a lot nicer. But Jim said he didn't have time to ask Kasey to sign his on the windshield until it was too late, so he signed it on the hood (you can see it better in person). We ordered this color chrome version of Kasey's car from QVC & had to have it shipped express so we could get it in time for this event. The Miller Lite car for Rusty was for his final race, also done in color chrome. I'm still sad that he retired last year :( And this will be the final Miller Lite car that ever comes into our home because I REFUSE to own anything with Kurt Busch on it! Blech! I do NOT like that man!

Jim was also able to get Kasey to autograph the scrapbook layout I'm doing to me :) Kasey writes really tiny, unfortunately, so the name part is hard to read, but that's okay, I know what it says, hehe :) If I ever get the layout completely finished, I'll post a picture of it. But once again, I'm stumped!

Jim said that when they introduced the drivers, most of them came out with sticks & started hitting 3 Pinatas that were hanging up made to look like other drivers.....Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson & Tony Stewart :) I would have loved to have seen that! LOL There's a photo in yesterday's Detroit Free Press of Jeremy Mayfield hitting Jeff Gordon's can see it here: 3M Performance Hit or MIS. Jim is also in that photo along the first railing above the white banner, 3rd guy in from the left. My hubby is now famous ;)

Tomorrow, Jim & I will be heading to MIS for the race & Kasey has the pole :) Our partners from bowling got us tickets through their work & since neither of them like Nascar, they gave them to us.....WOO-HOO!!! And the best part....they're suite tickets, so if it rains (which the chance of rain has now increased to 60% for tomorrow), we'll stay dry :)

Okay, now for another challenge.....I just can't pass up challenges :) Carrie posted this one on The Scrapbook Zone message board. We're to list 10 things that we'd tell other people to try. Here's my list:

1. Bowling on a league! I never thought I would enjoy bowling, but now I've been bowling for about 12 years & I absolutely love it! It's something that Jim & I truly enjoy doing together & I think it's important for a couple to share a hobby.

2. Nascar. If you knew me 15 years ago, I hated ALL sports! But when Jim took me to my first Nascar race back in 1991, I was immediately hooked :)

3. Scrapbooking. I used to just stick my photos into a regular photo album, but now, I'm telling the stories behind my photos while I'm preserving my memories. And to know that I'll have these albums to pass down for generations to come just means so much to me.

4. Crocs shoes :) Yeah, I thought they were ugly, too when I first saw them, but I now own 8 pairs, hehe. They are SOOOO comfortable! Trust me, you'll fall in love with them, too!

5. Traveling to different states. There are so many neat things to see right here in the U.S. & I'm hoping that someday, Jim & I can see them all!

6. Photography. I got hooked on photography back in high school & although I still have a LOT to learn, I love taking photographs, even if they're just of everyday things.

7. Getting a tattoo, but not in Athens, Greece like I did :) Yeah, they hurt, but they also become a part of who you are.

8. Pizza with bacon :)

9. Becoming a grandparent. Even though I don't get to see my granddaughter very often, I wouldn't change the feeling of being a grandma for anything!

10. Find your soulmate! Yeah, I know that some people don't believe in soulmates, but I do!

There you have it.....another great challenge. If you're reading this, feel free to do your own list & let me know if you do as I love reading other people's challenges :)

Have a fabulous Father's Day weekend & say a prayer for no rain tomorrow for me :)


Becca said...

So exciting for you to get so many autographs! Yay!

Also, love the challenge--this is a good one. I'll save it for another day on my blog!


smkh1117 said...

Very cool that you got a personal signed pic!

Emily said...

How fun to get those personalized autographs! I'll have to do that challenge soon too, if I can come up with 10!

Kim said...

Hope you had fun at the race, Benita. Gotta love that Kasey Kahne!!!!