Saturday, June 10, 2006

Scents Of Spring & Other Things

One of my absolute favorite spring flowers are Lilacs. I just love the smell of Lilacs & would plant them all over my yard if my hubby would let me :) We have one Lilac bush behind our garage & when we open our family room windows, the scent just fills the room! I also have 2 more near our deck & 7 others in our backyard. I'm trying to talk Jim into letting me plant them down both sides of our yard since we're not allowed to put up fences in our subdivision.....I think they'd make a beautiful fence themselves.

These are pictures of just 2 of my Lilacs when they were in full bloom. About the only thing I don't like about Lilacs is that their blooms don't last long enough. I wish they bloomed all summer cool that would be!

Here is another challenge that Carrie posted on The Scrapbook Zone website.....we're to list 10 ways we like to relax. Here's mine:

1. Scrapbooking.....even though sometimes I can get frustrated if I can't bring a layout together, scrapbooking has been a wonderful way for me to relax & enjoy some 'me' time :)

2. Sleeping, of course :) Only 4 more days until Cassie is out of school & I'll be able to sleep in everyday :)

3. Bowling. I know, it doesn't really sound relaxing, but it is for me.

4. Golfing. While golfing can be exhausting & somewhat frustrating, it's also a pretty relaxing sport.

5. Watching tv while snuggling with Jim :)

6. Going to our favorite restaurant & just enjoying each other's company.

7. Being online, especially now that I'm wireless & can relax downstairs in our nice, comfy couch.

8. Going for walks with our mutts.

9. Having, ummm, fun in the bedroom ;) Yep, that definitely relaxes me & I find that I sleep so much better afterwards :)

10. Shopping, especially when it's for scrapbook supplies :)

Melissa posted a challenge on 2 Peas asking us if we've ever met anyone famous. Well, I don't know how famous you would consider them, but I have met 3 Nascar Drivers before.....Rusty Wallace, Kasey Kahne & Tony Stewart. Rusty is completely awesome! So friendly & down-to-earth! Kasey is adorable.....cute & tiny & very friendly as well with the most adorable smile :) Tony, on the other hand, was a complete jerk! Sorry if you're a Tony fan, but when we met him a couple of years ago, he was a jerk! I've heard he's changed since then & I hope he has for his own sake & for his fans. I also met Linkin Park during a meet & greet at a concert a few years ago :) And we ran into Ben Wallace & Tayshaun Prince of the Detroit Pistons at a movie theater one night. Who would I still love to meet? Hmmm......probably Tommy Lee Jones, Bruce Willis, Charlie Sheen & Nicholas Cage :)

Wednesday night at bowling, I popped a muscle in my left calf during the 2nd frame of the first game, so I ended up sitting out the rest of the night. I've been babying it with Absorbine Jr. & also taking some muscle relaxers, but I'm still limping :( I'll probably end up going to my doctor on Monday if it's not better by then. I just hope it's nothing too serious & it's better by next weekend as Jim & I might be going to the Nascar race at MIS.

I don't know how I forgot to post Jim's bowling scores from Nationals, but I did. Jewls reminded me that I didn't post them, so here they are:

Team: 165, 173 & 216 for a 554 series
Doubles: 130, 178 & 159 for a 467 series :(
Singles: 180, 143 & 191 for a 514 series

He wasn't too happy with the way he bowled, but this was also his first time bowling in Nationals, so I don't think he did too bad. As of right now, they should still cash for the team event, but it won't be much. And speaking of bowling, Jim & I called about the doubles tournament we bowled in a few weeks ago & we dropped to 2nd place, but that's okay.....hopefully that'll hold & we'll get a nice payout from that tourney :)

Off to clean my scraproom & work on a layout. Have a great weekend!


melissa said...

beautiful pictures, liliacs are so pretty :)

thanks for doing the challenge, you have met some cool people ;)

Breanne said...

gorgeous photos!!

Jewels by Jewls said...

I LOVE those lilacs! I want some in my front yard. I found out about a website called You can get shrubs, plants and trees for free and ONLY pay for shipping per item! I need to go reservee some plants and shrubs :)

Thanks for finally posting Jim's scores! I can understand it would be stressful to bowl in the nationals! I know I'd freak! LOL I think he did good considering!

Just wanted to post to say hey! Been a busy weekend, here, my son graduated yesterday :( There are pictures on my blog (Can you believe I've posted there 3 times in the last week?!?!? LOL)

Have a good one, enjoy our beautiful weather!


Carrie said...

So, how's your leg? I hope it's better and you didn't have to go to the doctor.