Tuesday, June 27, 2006

New Layouts & Ten For Tuesday

I did these layouts for a challenge on The Scrapbook Zone's website. The first one (above, click on photo to enlarge) was to do a layout using a blurry or bad photo. I took this photo of Jim the morning he left for Texas for the bowling tournament & I was so nervous that I couldn't even hold the camera still! This was the last photo I took of him that morning before he walked out the door. It'd be a great photo if it wasn't so blurry :(
The above layout I actually did a few weeks ago for another challenge to use more than 5 photos on a layout. I saw this kit on QVC with these Kasey Kahne papers & just had to buy it :) I'm so glad I did, too because it's now sold out. These are pictures from when Jim & I met Kasey in Bristol, Tennessee last August. He's such a sweetie.....very cute & short, too!

I also did another layout for a challenge to use circles & here's the link to that one:
Golf = Fun

Carrie posted a blog challenge over at The Scrapbook Zone's website to list 10 things that we would save if our house was on fire. This challenge really touched home with me since I did lose everything I owned back in 1987 when the apartment below mine was set on fire. So here's my list:

1. First & foremost, I'd make sure all my family members were out!
2. Next would be my 2 mutts.
3. My photos, something I lost last time :(
4. My scrapbook albums.
5. All the items that belonged to my sister Karen.
6. My Thomas Kinkade painting.
7. The clown statue that my Dad gave to me years ago.
8. Silverware from Jim's Mom.
9. My purse, which I also lost last time.
10. Whatever scrapbook supplies I could grab, especially my Primas :)

That's all for now.....taking Cassie & Emma to go see the movie Click tonight. Have a great one!

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Carrie said...

Our lists are almost identical in nature. I'm sorry about the fire you experienced. I was always nervous about that when we lived in apartments...wondering whether the people surrounding us were careful.