Sunday, July 02, 2006

Fireworks & Falls

On our way home from dropping off Cassie & Emma yesterday, Jim & I did some shopping at Hobby Lobby & also Birch Run Outlet. Found the cutest box of ribbons at Hobby Lobby & since I had a 40% off coupon, I used it to get them. Then as we were coming into our subdivision last night, we saw fireworks going off, so we decided to drive over by the lake & watch them. Of course, I didn't have my camera on me (again). When will I learn???

So we decided we would go to see the fireworks in the next town tonight so I could get some pictures, but I guess that wasn't meant to be, either. Today, Jim & I went out to our favorite garden nursery (WoJo's) to see if we could find some more plants for our yard (and to return some that had died.....gotta love those guarantees!). I've always loved Hydrangeas & although I've never had much luck with them here in Michigan, I decided to give them another try. We bought 3 of them & decided to put them in our front yard right in front of our bay window. We had to move my Mums to plant them there, but that was okay with me. After we got the Mums moved & the Hydrangeas planted, Jim got the ladder out to get up into the attic in the garage for the watering can because I wanted to put some Miracid on them. I was in the driveway when all of a sudden, I start seeing the ladder sway out from underneath Jim's feet. Next thing I knew, the ladder was on the garage floor & Jim was falling on top of the ladder & onto the cement floor. I ran in to try to catch him, but it all happened so fast! That lead to a trip to the emergency room because he couldn't even stand on his right leg. Luckily, his leg isn't broken, but he's in a LOT of pain & can't put any weight on it. They gave him some Vicodin for the pain & put a splint on his leg. I also went to Rite Aid & bought him some crutches because he was having such a hard time just walking around the house.

So seeing the fireworks tonight was out as well as going to Ikea tomorrow. I swear, I don't think I'm supposed to go to that store! Everytime we attempt it, something happens that we don't make it there. And now, Jim & I have 2 weeks alone, just the 2 of us & now this happens to ruin that as well! ARGH! He doesn't have to go back to work until Wednesday since he's off for the holiday, but I have a feeling he won't even be going back then!

Anyway, if you're wondering how I got these fireworks pictures, I actually took these ones last year from our front porch. Not the best pictures in the world, but they'll have to do for another year since I didn't get any this year.

On a happy note, I got a perm on Friday & I just LOVE the way it turned out! I was so nervous because it's been over 8 years since my last perm, but my hair stylist did an excellent job & even calmed my fears! I'll have to take some pictures of it once it relaxes a little bit, but it's so much easier to take care of now :)

Hope your holiday weekend is going better than mine.

Have a SAFE & Happy 4th,


Lorrie said...

Oh my! Poor guy! Hope your dh gets feeling better soon.. Maybe you can catch some fireworks from your porch again this year!!
Have a nice 4th!

Carrie said...

Those are some great pictures Benita!

Sofia said...

Poor guy! That sucks! :-(

I hope that the IKEA curse will be broken and you will get to go someday.

Emily said...

Poor Jim, hope he feels better soon!!

glo said...

woO cool fireworks pictures! Hope Jim gets better soon

Jennifer Stewart said...

Oh no, Benita! I'm so glad he's ok...that must have been scary to watch happen!! You have 2 weeks alone, so watch lots of movies and cuddle. ;)

Happy 4th to you!!

Deanna Kroll said...

Oh Benita! I am so sorry to hear about your dh! I hope he heals quickly. :( Happy 4th of July to you and your family!