Monday, September 12, 2005

Happy Birthday Karen

Today you would have been celebrating your 53rd birthday. I always thought it was neat that we were exactly 10 years minus 1 week apart in age. I always used to send you cards about you being the older one & you would get such a kick out of them. We shared so much together.....not only the same birthstone, but also a closeness that only sisters can share. And I miss that so much! I miss you so much, Karen! Not a day goes by that I don't think about you & shed a tear. You were always my inspiration, my shield, my guardian & my friend.

When I went home earlier this month, I decided to buy this ring from Donna because I knew how much it meant to you. It was our grandmother's ring & when she passed away, Mom got it. Then Mom needed to sell it & she offered it to you first, but you couldn't afford it at the time. Donna agreed to buy it so that she could keep it in the family & then I bought it from her so that I could cherish it since I knew that it was very special to you. I now wear it proudly on my index finger of my right hand, along with my other 2 sapphire rings....the one that Jim gave me several years ago for our anniversary & the one that belonged to you.

I honestly don't know how I've made it through this past year without you, Karen. It definitely hasn't been easy! Everyone keeps telling me that it will get better & easier to handle as time goes by, but it really hasn't :( I've been trying to enjoy my life as much as possible because I know that is what you'd want me to loved life so much yourself! I just wish I could tell you how much of an influence you have been to me. Just one more time, I just wish I could tell you I love you!

Forever your little sister,


kelly edgerton said...

Benita, this is a lovely tribute to your sister. I was so touched as I read it. Happy birthday to her. I hope you find peace this year - I can only imagine how difficult it is to lose a beloved sister.

Jewels by Jewls said...

Benita, I was thinking about you yesterday, knowing what the day was. I think what you wrote to Karen was beautiful!

P.S. The pictures are working now on my blog.

Karen Carter said...

Wow! That really hit me hard to read. I have one sister and she is 10 years older than me. She is so important to me and I can't imagine the pain of losing her. I am in tears and just don't even know what to say. I wish I could hug you and help ease your pain. I'm very sorry for your loss.