Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Weekend Update

23/365 - Friday: Since I'm finally able to work out again (although not at full potential yet), I decided to take a pic of my second 'home sweet home' :)
24/365 - Saturday: I did some more scrapbooking on Saturday, so my picture is of the layout I did using the new Making Memories Sabrina line from Michaels. I just love this line....black, white & pink!
25/365 - Sunday: Jim's 44th birthday :) I did a collage of photos from the day.....the Volcano from Rainforest Cafe that we couldn't finish, the sunset on the way to the restaurant, a pic of one of the aquariums, Jim relaxing while playing XBox, we went to see the movie Mall Cop (very funny movie!) & then just a happy pic of Jim :) Thank-you for all the birthday wishes you left for him......he really thought that was cool!
26/365 - Monday: This is the mess on my scraproom floor right now! I'm doing a yardsale at an LSS this Saturday & I've been going through stuff for the past couple of weeks. This picture is not even half of what I'm taking! You should see the mess now! Hey, maybe that will be today's picture :) Off to take one now.
Okay, here it is.....now why does it look like less stuff when there's actually more??? LOL Guess it's because now most of it is in bins. I'm really hoping I do good at this sale. Last time I did it, I made over $200, so wish me luck! See anything you wanna buy? ;)
27/365 - Tuesday: Okay, so here is today's real picture. We got a slight dusting of snow last night on top of the old stuff & it was so pretty with the sun shining on it this morning. You have to click on the image to enlarge it to see what I'm talking about......at least I hope enlarging it will show the sparkles in the snow.

Off to do more pricing/organizing/purging!
Have a great week!


Emily said...

I missed it!! Happy Birthday Jim!

Jennifer Stewart said...

Hey, Benita! Your layout is so pretty. I love that paper line...haven't seen it yet, but haven't been in Michael's in a long time. The snow picture is gorgeous. You're right..it sparkles!


jillconyers said...

Fun 365 photos!

I have a photo of my home away from home too :) Although sometimes I feel like I spend more time there than I do at home LOL

Happy Birthday Jim!

Janet said...

Great photos! I'm loving all the little glimpses of life people are sharing with their 365 projects. We got a light dusting of snow which is good from time to time (I tell myself!) because it just freshens up the old snow! Love the sparkles!

Linda said...

The new MM paper is so pretty. Good luck with the yard sale!

Denise said...

Hi, Benita. I wish I lived close, I would be your best yardsale customer!!

Aimeslee said...

Good luck on the yard sale, hun. But, I had to admit, I was surprised to see you are selling your Xyron? I use mine all.the.time.

And the layout is really cute. xoxo

Sarah C. said...

Awesome photos, Benita! Loving the snow pic - it definitely sparkles. :) Good luck at the yard sale!

emily said...

Good luck at your lss sale! Those are so fun to go to...and I haven't been to the Rainforest Cafe in years - it is such a fun place to go for a birthday!

Sarah C. said...

Popping back in to let you know I left a little something on my blog here for you. :)

Linda said...

Back again to let you know I left you something on my blog.