Monday, January 19, 2009

3 More Days of 365

16/365 - Friday: Icicles hanging from our front porch with the sun shining on them. But once again, don't let that sunshine fool's freezing!
17/365 - Saturday: Saturday deserves 2 pictures :) It started snowing early Saturday morning & didn't stop until Saturday night. The first picture, above, is of our deck....we have to keep shoveling a pathway for our dogs to get outside!
Here's Jim, having fun with his snowblower & proudly wearing his Detroit Lions jacket & Detroit Lions sweatpants :)
18/365 - Sunday: Home Sweet Home! My baby is home :) Since I wasn't allowed to take her picture, I took a picture of her suitcase instead, lol.

Jim is off work tomorrow for MLK day, so we'll probably head to the gym in the morning & then run a few errands.....that is, if it's not snowing again! One of the girls I work with reassured me that Spring is only 2 months away. Could have fooled me! I honestly don't mind the snow that's these bitter cold temperatures that I hate! But we had a heatwave reached 20 degrees! Ha!

Hope you have a wonderful week & stay warm! Or if you're in a warmer climate, send some of that warmth this way, okay? :)



Viper said...
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The Enquirer said...
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Lily said...

I am so jealous of your lovely snowy pictures

Darcey said...

I feel like taking snow photos everyday, because there is so much of it & it is so pretty!

Linda said...

I love the photo of the icicles. I hope it gets a little warmer for you too.

emily said...

Spring will come!

Inked Dujour said...

I'm so ready for the warm weather too Benita! Soon....I keep hearing soon....we'll see!

PS My blog has changed, it is now

Jenn said...

Oh I LOVE your snow pics! We were supposed to get some this week but no luck. I just LOVE snow:(

I love your blog too..Do you mind if I put a link on mine?

Janet said...

Those are some serious icicles!! Holy cow!