Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Days 11, 12, 13 & 14

11/365 - Sunday: When we first moved into this house a year & a half ago, we agreed to paint the upstairs hall bathroom since the landlords were in the process of removing the wallpaper before we moved in. Well, they never got it fully removed, meaning the backing was still on the walls, so we tried to remove it ourselves with no luck. It turned out to be an even bigger mess than it was before. Apparently, the wallpaper was the original to the house when it was built some 30+ years ago, probably installed by the builders themselves & therefore, they didn't prime the walls first. So the drywall started to get damaged & the backing to the wallpaper was just peeling everywhere! I should have taken a before picture, but completely forgot. Anyway, painting the bathroom was out of the would have looked awful! So our landlords paid for the wallpaper & we did the labor....we had to use a wallpaper that was made for damaged walls & picked a neutral color. We finally conquered the job this past weekend since our dd is out of town. NEVER AGAIN! That's all I'll say about that! LOL What a pain in the rear! But it's done & I really like the way it turned out.....just don't look too closely at the imperfections (or should I say boo-boos? Mess ups? Screw ups!?! lol).
12/365 - Monday: Today, we were supposed to pick our dd back up from being in Traverse City for the past 2 weeks. But since her friend had school, we wouldn't have been able to meet until around 8:00 p.m. & the forecast called for snow that evening, so we decided we should wait until this coming weekend as neither of us wanted to drive in the snow. Wouldn't you know it....the snow didn't even start until after midnight & then we didn't get nearly as much as they were calling for.....only about an inch or two! So Monday's picture is of her still empty room :( This is where she spends most of her her computer desk, with all her favorite nick-nacks on it. I miss my baby!!!
13/365 - Tuesday: BRRRR!!!!! THIS is what the temperature was last night on our way home from bowling! Yep, that's a minus in front of that 2! Not the best picture as it was taken with my cellphone camera & yes, I was stopped when I took it.....see the odometer at zero :)
14/365 - Wednesday:
Someone posted the question on 2 Peas about what we had on our PC desktop, so I thought it would make the perfect picture for today as well. I've had this same desktop picture on my computer for a couple of years now. It's the 2006 Dodge Challenger Concept Vehicle that was at the auto show in Detroit a few years back. I used to own a Challenger a long time ago & boy, let me tell ya, I wish I still had that car today! I loved that car! And one of these days, I will own another one! I will!!! :)

I decided to start back to bowling as my teammates sister couldn't replace me afterall. So far, I'm doing okay with it.....the hardest part is having to pick up my ball with my left arm since most of the pain is still in my left shoulder. Thankfully, I'm right-handed, so bowling itself doesn't bother me.

My physical therapy is going pretty good so far.....thanks for asking about it. I've gone twice now & yesterday, she did some more massaging & stretching of my neck & shoulders, did some different exercises with me & then for 20 minutes, I had a moist heat wrap around my neck & some type of electrodes on my left shoulder. It felt like fingertips massaging my shoulder while sending pulses through me. It felt really good while I was getting it done, but then as the night progressed, it started getting stiff again. I asked the girl how often I could get that done & she said everytime, if I wanted to. Hmmm :) I go back again tomorrow & then on Saturday, so I may just take her up on that.

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Aimeslee said...

Hey, sweetie! So glad you are in physical therapy and no surgery. It takes a while and might get worse first, so don't quit. I hope you get DD back home soon.


Evelyn said...

So happy the PT is going well...

Lorrie said...

so glad that the PT seems to be helping and your able to get back to bowling!
Oh, and your pics are good. You can't even tell there are any 'boo-boo's" on the bathroom wall. I know you're glad to finally get that taken care of!

Sue said...

oooh I love the moist heat & electrodes. Glad it's going well!

Linda said...

I'm glad PT is going well for you and that you are able to bowl again. Yikes at the -2*, stay warm!

Lily said...

wonderful slice of life photos. I may have to borrow that computer background idea for one of my days. Glad to hear the pt is going well