Monday, January 05, 2009

365 - Day 3, 4 & 5

Although I didn't order the Project 365 kit that Creating Keepsakes was selling (and I'm glad that I didn't with all the headaches everyone is having!), I decided to do my own version of the album. I'm using an American Crafts album with WeRMemoryKeepers 4X6 Photo Sleeve page protectors, which are basically 12X12 sheets that have slots for six 4X6 photos. I'm using my photos from my New Year's Day post as day 1 & 2 since it took 2 days to finish reorganizing my room (once again!). For day 3, I took 2 photos of our favorite restaurant, which is no longer :( Jim & I had just gone there to eat the day after Christmas for our anniversary (since they're closed on Christmas Eve, we decided to wait until the 26th to go out for dinner). We talked to the owner while we were there & he said that things were a little slow, but otherwise good. Well, we had a coupon that was due to expire, so on the 3rd, we decided to go out for dinner again, only to find the sign above & an empty building & parking lot, below:
Jim & I are both heartbroken as we just loved Kalloways! Apparently, the sheriff department closed them down, due to back taxes. We only know the owners by their first name, so we don't even have a way to get in touch with them :( They were such a nice couple & I truly hope that they can recover from this & reopen the restaurant one day!
My photo for day 4 is of my curtains. After living in this home for nearly a year & a half, we finally put our own curtains up! I'll be adding some valances to the other rods, so that will probably be my photo for day 6. I've had these curtains for a couple of years now & they've been stored in a container in the basement, so they're a little wrinkled right now.
Today, we were up near our old neighborhood, so day 5's photo is of our old house. They painted the trim & changed it to a dark greyish-green & I really like it. Looks so much better than the teal color it used to be! I was just disappointed to see that they took down the window flower boxes :( I knew I should have taken them with me!

Well, there you have first 5 days of 2009. I'm going to try my hardest to stick with this project & take a photo everyday.....some of them may seem meaningless, but they'll be about my everyday life, which is what this project is all about, right? Once I start working on the album itself, I'll take some pics & post them as well. If you're doing the Project 365, I'd love to see your albums!

Have a great night.....I'm off to watch the new Bachelor :)



Emily said...

I'm doing Project 365 and I ordered the kit, and boy, has it been a headache, but I did get one! I'm using a website for my photos, it's pretty cool for organization of a photo a day.

Darcey said...

Hi Benita! Bummer about the restruant. Your old house is beautiful. Good luck keeping up with 365. I can't wait to see it when we are finished with the entire year.

Heather Bares said...

great pictures!

Inked Dujour said...

Hey Benita, sorry to hear about Kalloways! His last name is Lepak, it was on their website...

Love your pictures!!


Sarah C. said...

Wonderful photos! Such a shame about the restaurant. A place we loved near us closed suddenly too. I don't even know what happened. One day it's there and the next a sign stating some new restaurant is opening soon.

Can't wait to see the album you come up with. I'm still thinking on what to do.

Lida said...

Great pictures Benita and the curtains look awesome!

Lynn said...

Hi Benita, Glad to see that you are doing a version of 365. I am also. Just a photo a day. Nice and simple (as long as I remember to take the photo).
Sorry to hear about the closing of your favorite restaurant. That really stinks. Just hate when that happens.