Thursday, May 08, 2008

Sharing Some Layouts

I decided to share some of the layouts that I actually did a few weeks ago. I just love how the one above turned out. When I saw my granddaughter's dress, I knew I had to find the perfect paper to match it :) So when I saw the new Making Memories Animal Cracker papers, that was all I needed!
The layout above was done with my last design team kit for the Zone along with lots of Fancy Pants felt. She always calls me "Gamma" & Jim "Pop Pop" :)

Nothing much else is new. Still going to the gym regularly, although I didn't feel like going yesterday as I've had a headache for the past couple of days that just won't go away :( But Jim pushed me into going & I'm so glad he did! We didn't have much time as we had an appointment to go see another house last night, but we got 25 minutes of cardio in, which is always better than nothing at all.

Speaking of the house-hunting, it's not going as good as we hoped it would. We found one house that we really liked the other day, but it's smaller than what we're in now (about 600 square feet smaller) & we're just not sure if it would work. We would definitely have to down-size a LOT, which isn't always a bad thing. The yard of the home was had a 3-tier deck & a pool! So right now, we're just outweighing the pros & cons of it before we decide.

I just looked at the calender & realized that today, my ex would have been 43 years old. It's sad that he felt he had to end his life so soon when he had so much to look forward to! If only he could be around now to meet his granddaughter :(

Today is the first day of the Great Lakes Mega Meet & I almost always go on the first day, but not this year. I may go tomorrow since Jim said he'll be getting out of his class early. I'm just not even that excited about going this year for some reason. Could I be tired of shopping for scrapbook supplies? Could it be that I have more than enough stuff already? Nah :) That can't be it! Maybe it's just the fact that I'm watching my spending closer now with the price of everything going up. Yesterday, Jim stopped to fill his gas tank on the way home & he paid $3.63 a gallon. About 4 hours later, I went to fill mine at the very same station & it was $3.79! That's just nuts! I really wish our President would do something about this crap! But I'm not holding my breath!

Okay, my rant is over, so I'll end this here :) Hope you have a wonderful day!


Rosemary said...

Feeling your gas pain
(wait that did not sound right! lol) here in WV!!!

Love the top layout! Especially the "depth"

Great job!

Sue said...

things are pretty bad when you don't feel like shopping for scrapbook supplies!
If it lasts, seek medical attention.

Lida said...

Oh no someone pass her the Primas to smell she is not well!! See maybe you need to shop for someone else...I´ll paypal you some cash and you can buy me fun stuff lol.
Love your layouts, the one of the polka dots is awesome!!

Lara said...

I really love that first layout too! Beautiful!

And these gas prices...GAH!

jill said...

Love the layouts! Fun colors!

Good luck on the house decision.

I haven't been as excited as I usually am about sb shopping either. Wonder why?

My best workouts have been when I really didn't want to go and had to force myself out the door :)

toners said...

I also love the polka dot layout - perfect match with the paper, and the photos are adorable!

I hope you are feeling better soon; get checked out if that headache doesn't go away...

Gas prices are ridiculous right now; it cost me over $70 to fill up my car the other day. Although DH noticed when he was in San Francisco a couple of weeks ago that prices were almost at $5 there!

DebW said...

Great LO's Benita!Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

Great layouts, I love the first one. Gas prices are out of control. I have been trying to combine my trips to try and save a little

Anonymous said...

A lurker here. Cute layouts, Benita.

We all feel the pain at the pumps. I'm not so sure the prez can do anything, although he's tried. I've been reading about this. They won’t let him drill in the Arctic. They won’t let him drill off the coasts. They won’t license new refineries. They won’t expand nuclear use or clean-coal use. They won’t even allow windmills, if they spoil Ted Kennedy’s view from Martha’s Vineyard. They have done their best to constrict supply and then they stand around complaining that prices are rising. The president can’t repeal the law of supply and demand and neither can anyone else. But a girl can dream.

Sarah C. said...

Beautiful layouts, Benita! That MM paper is perfect for her adorable dress. :) Great job keeping up the working out. And best of luck on the house search.

Heather Bares said...

great layouts!!!

Aimeslee said...

Gosh, love the layouts! Such great photos of the 3 of you. Hope your headaches are just spring pollen or something...Hubs and I both have been suffering since March, and his vertigo kicks in when it's really bad. Yup, the gas prices are rising. I know it's hard to remember that a decade ago we were discussing that this would eventually happen, that Europe was paying back then what we are paying now, so their prices are way higher now. It hurts to pay it though, even if it's inevitable...and going to get higher too. We've had cheap energy for so many years.