Monday, May 26, 2008

Happy Memorial Day!

Yeah, I realize that Memorial Day is almost over & I'm just a little bit late wishing everyone a happy one, but I've had an extremely busy weekend & just haven't had the time to sit down & update my blog until now. Thursday & Friday, I did a yard sale & I'm happy to report, I made $400.00! WOO-HOO! At first, it was only $340 & then on Saturday morning, a lady came back & bought 2 full boxes of Beanie Babies from me for $60.00. Not sure if that was a smart move on my part, but I just wanted to get rid of them once & for all!

I sold all 14 of my old scrapbook albums for $5.00 a piece plus some scrapbook supplies, paper & I even sold one of my handmade caddies :) I decided to put them in the yard sale since I haven't had much success on Etsy. I received a LOT of compliments on them throughout the 2 days, which really made me happy! So with my hard-earned money, I splurged on myself & bought one of these:
Meet my new workout Ipod Nano :) I had an old Ipod, but gave it to our dd a while back since she finally decided that she wanted one. She kept saying she would never buy an Ipod because she liked her portable CD player. Boy, how teenagers change their minds, huh?

Anyway, I decided that I needed my own Ipod to take to the gym because the music at the gym.....well, let's just stinks! Sometimes there's some good songs on, but I just can't seem to get into most of the songs they play there. I just bought the Ipod yesterday, loaded up my songs on it last night & then today was it's trial run at the gym. Remember about 2 months ago when we purchased an Elliptical & I couldn't even do more than a minute or two on it? Well, tonight, I did.......20 minutes on the elliptical!!! I couldn't believe it! And it felt really good! Although I was exhausted afterwards. But I just know that listening to the music on my Ipod pushed me even harder :)

Now, I need some help, that is. I want some upbeat, dancing type music for my Ipod & would love any suggestions you may have. You can either post them in a comment on my blog or email me (see sidebar for email)......let me know what your favorite dancing, hip-hop, movin' music is. I need some TUNES! :) I already have things like Sexy Back, 4 minutes, Double Dutch Bus (lol), Push It & a lot of Janet Jackson's songs. But I need MORE! What's on your playlist that you exercise to?

Off to finish watching the Red Wings, although I'm kinda, sorta, just a little bit secretly pushing for the Penguins (hey, they're my hometown team!). But I'll always be a Wings fan, too :) Before the lady bought the beanies from me, I got the 2 Penguins out of the box & have them displayed on top of our tv. I don't think Jim has even noticed them there yet ;)



QueenTracy said... are some of my exercise playlist favorites:
"Free Your Mind" by EnVogue
"I Don't Feel Like Dancing" by Scissor Sisters
"Gettin' Jiggy Wit It" Will Smith
"Switch" Will Smith
"Walkin' on Sunshine" by Katrina and the Waves
"Lets Get it Started" Black Eyed Peas
"U and UR Hand" by Pink.


Creative ADD said...

Hey Benita, congrats, that's probably the most successful I've ever heard anyone be from a garage sale. Try looking for music by "Mozella" very upbeat and R&B vibe to her stuff. You should like it!

toners said...

Great job!!! You ROCK! I will go and check out my iTunes list for good workout songs...and the music at my gym stinks too! I think they play it for the 22 yr olds :)

emily said...

Enjoy your definately makes excercise more bearable some days! Thanks for the kind comments on my blog.

jill said...

A few favorites...
Beautiful- Christine Aguilera
Fighter- Christine Aguilera
Push It to the Limit- Corbin Bleu
Dreams- the Cranberries
You Spin Me Round- Dead or Alive
Hey Ya!- Outkast
Life Is A Highway- Eascal Flatts
Man! I Feel Like A Woman- Shania Twain
I'm A Believer- Smash Mouth
Beautiful Day- U2

And lastly the soundtracks from Last fo the Mohicans and The Chronicles fo Narnia Lion Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspain.

Enjoy your new toy!

Sue said...

Not that I spend a lot of time exercising but my playlist is looooong.
Among my faves:
No Doubt
Nikka Costa
Joss Stone
The Police
Macy Gray

I can also suggest you look up iMixes on iTunes and you will find many awesome pre-made mixes.

Sarah C. said...

Awesome yard sale!! Great idea to reward yourself with the fun ipod. I'm terrible at music. I hear stuff I like, but can never remember song names or artists! LOL Looks like you've gotten some good suggestions though. :)

Linda said...

Congrats on your yard sale! And your new iPod.

When I work out I listen to a lot of dance remixes. Some of my favorites

Madonna: Jump, Hung Up and I Love NY
Dirty Vegas: I should know
iio: At the end

Whn I am not in the mood for dance I will listen to DMB, U2, REM, and Duran Duran.

Have fun shopping on iTunes

Janet, aka JP said...

You are doing great with the exercising! And I'm impressed with anyone who can actually operate that elliptical thing...It is well beyond my skill level! LOL

Can't give you advice on the tunes...I just take my headphones and watch TV while I'm at the fitness place. CNN or the Food Network...not too exciting.

Benita, thank you so much for stopping by my blog with your kind words. I really do appreciate it.

Jennie said...

I won a zune not long ago and loaded songs in it to work out to. Some of my favorites are:

Dire Straits - Walk of life
GoGo's - Manic Monday
Joan Jett - Do you want to touch; Bad Reputation; I love rock and roll
Tom Petty - Out in the cold; Make it better; Jammin' Me
John Mellencamp - Just about all of them

Happy working out!

Jennie said...

ugh! I meant "Do you want to touch me" by Joan Jett lol

Cindi said...

Come help me with my yard sale!

I need to get my toosh motivated to declutter and clear some of this stuff out!

Hmm...thinking I've got to look for that box of beanies and those precious moments figurines!