Friday, July 27, 2007

Off To Indy!

Tomorrow morning, Jim & I leave bright & early (okay, so maybe not too early) for Indianapolis. We'll only be there until Monday as we had to cut the trip short due to finances, but it should still be a blast! We sent his sister & brother-in-law the tickets to go see qualifying tomorrow morning since we won't be there in time & she was really excited about going to that.
I'm looking forward to finally meeting his sister & Jim's really looking forward to seeing her after over 18 years. Distance separated them for too long & the fact that they didn't even know where the other one lived. I'm actually the one that found his sister a few years ago. We knew her previous married name, so I called all of the ones that were in the phone directory & came across her ex-husband & he gave me her phone number. Jim came home from work that day & I just dialed the phone & handed it to him.....he had NO clue who was on the other end. He was ever so grateful for what I did, too :)
Sunday is the Brickyard race & it'll be my first time there. Jim's been there before for Indy car races, but never for a Nascar one. Then we come home on Monday, but we're going to take the scenic route because Jim knows how much I want to go to the Pages In Time store in northern Indiana. I just hope I can find it! I probably won't buy much.....okay, maybe I will ;) But after seeing the pictures of the store on 2 Peas, how can you not spend money in there?
This morning, I have a doctor's appointment to get the results of my colonoscopy, so I'm a little nervous about that. I guess I better jump in the shower & get moving as I have to be there in an hour.
Hope you have a great weekend.....I know I will :)


Lynn said...

It sounds like you are going to have a great time this weekend. enjoy it!

Maureen said...

Have a great time in Indy! I've been twice, and I must say it was one of the cleanest downtowns I've ever visited (for a large city). Very friendly people too... loved it.

Best of luck on your test results...fingers crossed here for ya.

Shell said...

what a fantastic weekend it will be - have fun and drive safe!

Yellow Fence said...

That's so awesome about getting to meet his sister. Have a great time!