Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Happy Birthday, Karen!

Today, September 12th, you are celebrating your 54th birthday with God in Heaven. I made this layout last night to honor Karen on her birthday. Donny found this photo of Karen with what appears to be a live owl (or maybe it's stuffed?).....no one knows for sure. She had this love for owls that no one but Karen really understood. Her home was filled with owls.....owl nick-nacks, owl pictures, owl jewelry.....everywhere you looked, you would see owls. Maybe they made her feel free. Maybe they were just a symbol of nature to her. I never asked Karen why she liked owls so much, but now I wish I knew the answer to that question.

Until you have a sister, you can never experience the bond they share. The secrets, the laughs & even the pillow fights. And when you lose a sister, you lose a very big part of your own life....a part of your being.....a part of your heart!

Karen & I shared a very special bond....we were 10 years minus 1 week apart in age. Between 5 girls, she was the oldest sister & I was the youngest. My Mom told me that Karen used to pretend that I was her baby & she always wanted to babysit me, feed me, bathe me & even change my diaper. Even as we got older, we were 2 of the closest friends. She moved away to Montana when I was only 9 years old, but we made sure that we stayed in contact with each other, writing snail mail letters back & forth (pre computer days). When she finally moved back to Pennsylvania, I was then living in Virginia, but whenever I would go home for a visit, she was the one that would always come to see me. We would go shopping together, out to eat, anything just to catch up on each other's lives & to share a few secrets. I honestly don't think that Karen & I ever had a fight. In fact, I know we didn't! No, we didn't always agree on everything, but we respected each other's feelings.

Never in a million years, did I think we were going to lose Karen & Jimmy so suddenly! But we did :( Two years ago on August 29th, 2004, God decided that it was time for Karen & Jimmy to come home. During the past 2 years, my whole outlook on life has truly changed, even though it has taken a while. At first, I was just angry, hurt, mortified that they were taken away from us so soon! Now, as hard as it still is to do, I'm trying my hardest to enjoy each & every day, knowing that this is what they both would want me to do. Just like Karen & Jimmy were doing on that very day, riding on their motorcycle because it was what they both loved!

So on this day, I am celebrating Karen's birthday because I know how much she loved birthdays, even though she didn't like getting older. Happy 54th Birthday, Karen Louise! I miss you!



Shirley said...

GIANT HUGS, Benita! And happy birthday to your sister!

Kim said...

What a beautiful page. Happy Birthday to your sister.

Lorrie said...

lovely page Benita. {{{{hugs}}}. Your journaling was a beautiful Birthday tribute and I'm sure she's aware that you've recognized her birthday. I bet she's celebrating in heaven --- and hey -- good news--- we don't get older in heaven right??
have a good day, Lorrie