Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Continuation Of Yesterday

Finally! Blogger is cooperating & let me load my pictures :) You can click on each image & it should enlarge. Above is the birthday cake that my very dear hubby got me yesterday. I was totally blown away by this cake & couldn't believe that he did this! If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm a HUGE Kasey Kahne fan & was so glad that he won the race this past Sunday :) Jim took in a sticker that I had to Sam's Club & they did an excellent job making the number 9 look just like the one on Kasey Kahne's car. I didn't even want to cut the cake because it's so cool, lol! I told Jim that I want to freeze the part with the # 9 on it ;) And best of all, it's a marble cake, my favorite kind!

Now onto more vacation pictures. The first one is of my Mom. It was so good to see her, even though it was in a nursing home. She just started back up with her therapy after having an infection in her stump, but she's doing really good with it & I just pray that one day soon, she'll be able to get out of the nursing home! I love this woman so much! And as you can tell from the photo, she still has a sense of humor since she stuck her tongue out at me when I snapped the picture :) Love you, Mom!

Here are some photos of Niagara Falls. The first two were taken from the window of our hotel about a room with a view! It was a cloudy day, but I still can't help myself taking picture after picture of the falls :)

Close-up shot of the Horseshoe Falls. If you ever get a chance to visit Niagara Falls, I highly recommend it & stay on the Canadian's such a gorgeous & peaceful place to be! And there's so much to do there....almost like one big amusement park.

The night we stayed there, we heard someone say that they would be shooting off fireworks over the falls, so we took a walk down to the falls & waited for them to start. An hour later, they finally started & although they only lasted for 5 minutes, it was a spectacular show! Here is just one of the photos that I captured. I just kept snapping pictures because I wasn't sure if they would even turn out or not, but surprisingly, most of them did.

I had a hard time getting some good photos of the lights on the falls this time, though :( But here is one photo that turned out pretty good.

I also took a bunch of photos of the actual lights that shine on the falls. Jim thought I was nuts at first, but then when he saw them, he thought it was pretty cool :) Don't ask me what setting I had my camera on because I can't remember, lol. But I just stood there, holding the camera (Digital Rebel) as still as possible to take the picture. Next time, I'm taking my tripod with me!

Here is a photo of the hotel we stayed at, Embassy Suites. While it was a really nice hotel, I wasn't too impressed with this one as compared to the Embassy Suites that we stayed at in Minnesota last year. The breakfast just wasn't as good & the elevators were always so busy that you had to wait for what seemed like hours to even get one.

You can see some other pictures of our trip in yesterday's blog post. I guess that's all for now.....time to go exercise on the treadmill & then I'm hoping to get some scrapbooking done today.

Have a great day,


Lynn said...

I hope your mom feels better soon and gets to get out of the nursing home also.
Your Falls pictures are great! I love the one of the horseshoe.
Your DH did a great job on the cake! My DH always makes sure he gets my favorite cake for me every year.

Lorrie said...

Well HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY BENITA! looks like you had a great trip. I just went to Niagara Falls with my dh and dd the summer of 04. I use to live in upstate NY so I'd been many times as a child, but never as an adult, and dd and dh had never been. We just spent the day... we were staying with friends on lake Cayuga in NY and took a day trip!
Hope your bday was terrific! I turn 41 this month... {boo!} lol!!

Wife2TJ said...

I've been to Niagara falls twice. Once on a business trip, and the other on my honeymoon! I agree that they Canadian side is beautiful that's where we stayed. I hope to go back again one day when we have kids so they can see it as well. TFS the pictures!