Thursday, September 21, 2006

1st Magazine TooT!!!

When I got home from bowling Tuesday night, I came upstairs to check my email & boy, am I glad I did! I had an email from Scrapbook Trends requesting one of my layouts for their January issue :) I'm on cloud 9! This is my 2nd time being published, but my first time in a magazine. My first published layout will be in an upcoming Cantata Idea Book which should be out in a couple of months. Amy on 2 Peas made this Out For Pub sign for me & I just love it! Thanks Amy :)

Speaking of scrapbooking, I was going through my albums the other day, adding some layouts that I did recently & needed to be put away when I came across a layout that I did when I first started scrapbooking. I hated the layout, but always used to tell myself that I would never redo a layout because if I started doing that, then I'd never get caught up! But this one was just calling out to be redone. It was so boring.....just some photos & stickers! So I took the plunge & tore it all apart & now here is the new & much improved version:This is the very first home that Jim & I bought when we lived in Virginia Beach, so these photos are very special to me & that's another reason why I redid the layout. Supplies used: Bazzill, BasicGrey Phresh & Phunky PP, Monograms & alphabet stickers, BasicGrey jumbo bookplate, Primas, mini brads, MM metal signage words, Doodlebug Tokens, metal keys & ribbons. You can see the layout closer here: Our 1st Home.

Now, you're probably wondering why I was bowling when I said that I wasn't going to be bowling this year after our teammates quit on us, right? Well, I was asked to join a women's league & since Jim is bowling on a men's league on the same night at the same house, I decided to go for it. I guess bowling is in my blood & I can't give it up :) Now I just need to figure out the lanes at this house! It's been a couple of years since we've bowled there, so Jim & I are both struggling right now. Plus I'm only bowling one night a week so that isn't helping my average much, so Jim & I are trying to find a mixed league to get on because we both miss bowling with each other :)

Now, onto the 10 for Tuesday (or Thursday in my case) challenge. Carrie's question for this week.....list 10 things you'd do if you had the time:

1. Scrapbook more often!
2. Sleep more!
3. Shop more :)
4. Go on more vacations.
5. Go to PA to visit my family more.
6. Read more books.
7. Bake.
8. Exercise even longer than I am now!
9. Clean more. Okay, maybe I'm nuts for saying that :) My house isn't dirty, but it could use a good decluttering right now!
10. Take more day-to-day pictures.

There you have if someone would just bottle time & make it last longer :)

Have a great day.....I'm off to take a shower & then head to the Zone's anniversary sale. Happy 10th Anniversary, Kelley & Kevin :)



Kim said...

Congratulations on being published. Love your layout. I have a whole scrapbook that I want to redo. However, I am so far behind, I may never get to it!

Maureen said...

Congrats Benita! Your work is great, I am not surprised at all...can't wait to see you print!

BTW, you've been tagged!

Emily said...

congrats Benita!!!! how exciting!!

Cindy Lee said...

I'm so excited for you! Huge Congrats! Now, tag you're IT!!! see my blog for the tag, lol!

Jewels by Jewls said...

Congratulations Benita on the publication! That's awesome!

Glad you're back to bowling! Our league started back up 2 weeks ago, feels good to be back.


Wife2TJ said...

Congratulations!!! I dream of one day having my work (cards) published! You go girl!!!