Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Back To Reality

It's been a week since I've been able to even attempt to update my blog. We got home from our trip to Pennsylvania late Friday night & I've been so busy ever since.....doing load after load after load of laundry, cleaning, getting Cassie ready for school, etc. It's so good to be home, but just like I've said before, I need a vacation after our vacation! I've loaded a couple of pics from our trip, but then blogger wouldn't let me load the rest of them.....ARGH! Anyway, here are the ones that I did get loaded:

While I was at my Mom's house, I took some photos of her garden & trees & captured this butterfly on one of her Butterfly Bushes. That's one thing I'm really going to miss when her house sells.....all the flowering bushes & trees that she has! She always took such pride in her gardens.

August 29th: Here are the 4 of us sisters & our Dad standing at Karen & Jimmy's grave. As you can tell by the umbrellas, it was raining & pretty hard at times, but we weren't about to let the rain keep us away from visiting Karen & Jimmy!

Here is a close-up photo of Karen & Jimmy's grave along with the banner that I had made at Kinko's. I'm not sure how it will hold up to the weather, but it should be okay. Donny brought the vase of flowers with him to put on the grave & Barb did her usual weeding while we were there.

September 1st: While driving home through Ohio, we saw the most gorgeous sunset while we stopped to eat dinner. By the time I got out to the car to get the camera, it had already started going away, but I was still able to capture this beautiful photo.
Today is my 44th birthday. I used to get so excited about my birthday, but since losing my oldest sister Karen, it just seems kind of senseless to even celebrate it anymore. I don't know if it's because of the date (1 week before Karen's birthday (we were exactly 10 years minus 1 week apart in age) & 1 week after the day she & Jimmy were killed on August 29th) or if it's just the fact that I no longer get cards from Karen anymore. We used to always pick out the best birthday cards for each other. She would always find a cute one to send me & she never forgot anyone's birthday....she had a way to make everyone's birthday feel special! God, I miss her so much! Even though it's been 2 years now since she's been gone, it all still feels like a nightmare sometimes. When is the grieving process over? Is it ever really over???

Jim did take off from work today to spend my birthday with me, but we really didn't do anything too exciting. He took me out to dinner tonight to my favorite restaurant (Kalloway's) & then we had to go shopping to get Cassie some things for school. Jim also surprised me with a pink sapphire heart-shaped ring & a Kasey Kahne cake which I don't even want to cut into. I'll be sure to post some more pictures of those as well as more vacation pictures once blogger decides to cooperate with me.

Until then,

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