Saturday, September 16, 2006

A Gothic Grandma???

As we were walking through the parking lot of Pine Knob (aka DTE Energy Music Theater, although it will always be Pine Knob to me) last night to see Godsmack in concert, my daughter was talking on her cell phone to her best friend & told her that her Mom was dressed more gothic than she was. So I asked her "does that mean I'm a 'Gothic Grandma'?" And she said "yep!" :) Kids! Gotta love 'em!

Yeah, I wore mostly black last night (except for my sneakers, lol) & had on a shirt that has lacey sleeves & also eyeshadow & liner, but I didn't think I looked that gothic, did I? Maybe the black & pink hoodie, not pictured here, made me look too gothic? Or maybe it was my angel wing earrings that I purchased at Hot Topic? Hey, at least I had some clothes on & wasn't showing any cleavage like the hundreds of other women that were there :)

The concert was absolutely amazing! But of course, we couldn't get my small digital camera past security & since the camera on my camera phone stinks, I didn't get any good pictures at all :( What's a scrapbooker to do without photos???

Sully, the lead singer, is so cute (& tiny!) & he has such a fabulous smile :) There was just an article about Godsmack in our Friday newspaper & he said that he has completely cut out smoking cigarettes & drinking alcohol because he wants to be a good influence & father to his 4 year old daughter. I think that's excellent because I can only imagine how hard it must be to be in a band & be pressured to do those types of things & worse!

Sully did a drum solo up against his drummer & it was fantastic! I was SO close to catching a drumstick that he threw out into the audience.....I only missed it by about a foot! ARGH!!! Like I said, my camera phone stinks, but here are 2 pictures that I managed to get & as you can see, we were pretty close to the stage.....only 9 rows away to be exact :):

My ears are still ringing like crazy, but I don't was worth it! Hope you have a great weekend!

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Maureen said...

Goth grandma! :D

Too cool; sounds like you had a great time.