Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Top 10 Favorite Romantic Movies

Carrie from the Scrapbook Zone MB posted a really cute challenge for us to list our 10 Favorite Romantic Movies, so here are mine:

1. City Of Angels
2. About Last Night
3. An Officer & A Gentleman
4. St. Elmo's Fire
5. Sleepless In Seattle
6. Forrest Gump
7. When A Man Loves A Woman
8. When Harry Met Sally
9. Ghost
10. The Prince Of Tides

Can you tell I like Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan? :)

Just a quick entry because I'm having problems with my blog & hoping that by posting another post it will straighten things out!

Have a great night,


Cindy Lee said...

I might have to tag myself from your entry today, lol! love your new slide show! have a great day!

Emily said...

yay! your blog is back! ;)

Carrie said...

I too love many of those movies! Glad you are enjoying the challenge.